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What is a “multiple choice matrix survey”, and how does it work in a survey/questionnaire?

A multiple choice matrix survey question type comes in handy when you want to include a complex question to your respondents, one which they can choose multiple answers from. These surveys are handy when you want to get feedback about a topic on multiple attributes, and don’t want to box your respondents into a simple yes or no answer.

What are the advantages of multiple choice matrix survey questions?

There are many advantages to using this survey question type which makes integrating it into your questionnaire an attractive option.

Reduces length of a survey: Multiple choice matrix survey questions allow researchers to ask multiple questions about a topic. You can effectively query your respondents on multiple parameters about a topic.

Better complete rates: This survey type allows for shorter surveys, which help in lowering your survey drop-off rates, as people are less likely to quit your questionnaire midway.

More accurate responses: Multiple choice matrix survey questions allow you to ensure that your respondents stay on track, and that you get feedback into every attribute you deem important about the topic at hand.

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Where can you use multiple choice matrix surveys?

These survey questions are ideally suited to surveys in which researchers want to evaluate multiple attributes about a product or service. Not everyone likes or dislikes everything about a topic, and multiple choice matrix surveys allow you to get data from the shades of grey that form people’s opinions about any topic at hand. 

Multiple choice matrix survey example

Let’s consider that you are surveying respondents on what features they like most about certain tv brands.

On the Row side you can offer

Brand A

Brand B

Brand C

With all of them having the following columns

Picture quality, Design, Sound quality, Feature set

This would form a multiple choice matrix survey question which allows you to effectively gauge what your respondents like most about each brand or product.

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