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Meta information survey question

Get detailed technical information about your respondents’ device.

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What is a “Meta Information survey question”, and how does it work in a survey/questionnaire?

Meta information questions are hidden (usually) questions which are used to track, analyze and report basic information about your survey respondents. This question type comes in handy in figuring out technical information about the devices or platforms your respondents are using to interact with your survey.

Example of Meta information survey

meta info survey

Please refer to the screenshot above for a preview into some of the meta information Voxco’s online survey software can provide you with about your respondents. As you can see, the respondents’ Browser, language, IP address, OS are all clearly visible.

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What can you find out with Meta information survey questions?

With voxco’s omnichannel survey software, this is some of what you can gather about respondents with a Meta information survey question:

Web browser: The browser used by the respondent while attempting your survey

OS: The operating system being used by the respondent

Java: If there is Java enabled on the respondent’s system 

Screen resolution: The display resolution of the respondent’s machine

Network details: Information like IP address from the respondents machine.

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