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Reduce survey questions complexity and lower drop off rates with simple image based surveys

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What is an “Image Chooser Survey question”, and how does it work in a survey/questionnaire?

An image chooser in a survey is a simple choice based question that asks survey respondents to choose the picture or pictures that fit their answer in the best possible manner.

Image Chooser surveys are similar to single and multiple choice questions, with the key difference being that the respondents are selecting images instead of text based answers.

Image chooser survey example

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Let’s say you’re a travel agent conducting a survey to find out where your target audience would like to visit during a certain time of the year. Now you could tell them via a textual description what their options are, but with an image chooser survey you can really get your point across.

What are the advantages of image chooser surveys?

Image chooser survey questions are extremely engaging for respondents for virtually any demographic. 

Better survey accuracy: With image chooser survey questions in your questionnaire, it makes it easier for respondents on any demographic to be certain about their responses. 

Versatility: This survey type can be used in both single select and multiple select options. 

Responsive: Image chooser survey questions can be easily answered on mobile phones as well as traditional laptops.

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Where can you use image chooser survey questions?

Surveys, especially the longer ones can get quite monotonous. This often leads to high drop-off rates, with people opting to leave surveys mid-way instead of abandoning them.

There are also times where you may need to ask your respondents complex questions, which need to be quite descriptive. This can often lead to respondents not understanding what you are trying to convey.

Image chooser survey questions are a good option to both keep your respondents engaged, as well as quickly convey your point across with minimal chances of error.

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