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Image area selector survey questions

Create engaging surveys which allow respondents to intuitively answer questions. 

What is an image area selector survey type, and how does it work in a survey/questionnaire?

Image Area Selector type questions in surveys are a unique and interactive way to get respondents to answer your survey questions. 

These surveys are excellent for getting your point across visually, which could be a challenge to do so via text, and is ideal for any demographic.

Image area selector survey type example

Take the image below as an example, You are planning to travel for a vacation and have enlisted the help of a travel agency.

MicrosoftTeams image 3
MicrosoftTeams image 3

By using an Image area selector, your travel agent can ask you to visually depict what is your seating preference for a flight, which seats you like, and which ones are a hard no.

What are the advantages of Image Area Selector in surveys?

Suitable for any demographic: By asking survey questions visually via the image selector too, researchers can ask questions of more demographics with any level of education.

Engaging: Simply tapping on the right part of an image in response to survey questions makes surveys more engaging, and can help lower drop-off rates.

Compatible with smartphones and tablets: This survey type can be easily displayed and interacted with on smartphones and other mobile devices, making it very versatile.

Quick: Image area selector type questions make surveys a quick process, both for researchers and respondents. It is far easier to visually depict what you have in mind, rather than describing it in detail.

Where can you use an image area selector in surveys?

Image area selector survey questions are extremely versatile, and can be used in virtually any instance in which an object or an entity is being described. A few use cases would be: 

Seating preference in an aircraft: Airlines can ask respondents to visually choose the seat they would like.

Object placement: Researchers can ask respondents where in a room they would prefer to place a selected item, and gauge their preferences.

Maps/Region selection: Respondents can be asked to choose a region on a map based on the questions’ context.

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