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What is an “image area evaluator survey type”, and how does it work in a survey/questionnaire?

Image area evaluator survey questions are an effective survey type to get respondents to easily understand and answer your survey questionnaires.

These surveys help researchers get their points across in a visual manner, with little room for comprehension errors by respondents. This makes image area evaluator based questions suitable for surveying any demographic. 

Example of Image area selector survey question

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Take the image above for example. You are planning to travel for a vacation and have enlisted the help of a travel agency. Your travel agency would like to know more about your seating preferences in a flight and has asked you the same via an image area evaluator question.

What are the advantages of Image area evaluator surveys?

Smartphone/Tablet compatibility: These questions can be easily integrated in surveys which are to be dispensed on mobile devices. Respondents will have no trouble interacting with them.

Fast: Image area evaluator surveys make taking surveys an extremely quick process. This holds true for both researchers and respondents. It is much more straightforward for researchers to visually depict what’s on their mind instead of having to describe in detail.

Are engaging for respondents: By being able to tap and select contextually correct answers, your respondents will find your surveys more engaging. This in turn will lower drop off rates.

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Where can you use an image area evaluator survey?

Image area evaluator survey questions are quite flexible, and can be used in many types of scenarios.

Quizzes: This survey type can be an excellent tool for visual quizzes. 

Understand respondent preferences: You can use image area evaluator questions in surveys where you would like to understand a respondents preference. You can even set up this survey type in a manner that respondents can click the visual area multiple times to show their order of preference.

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