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What is Hide/Show Answer Options logic?

A hide/show answer choice logic enables you to hide or show the answer options in your survey, no matter what the question type is. As this logic works well with all kinds of questions including Drop Down, Check Box, Radio Button, Ranking, Rating Drop Down, List Box, Matrix Grid, Drill-Down, etc., it is highly preferred in cases where there’s a need to hide answers of a previously set up survey or variables that were assigned in advance.

Example of Hide/Show Answer Options

Consider a clothing company wants to conduct a survey to find out the outfits preferred by the customers while at work.

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Depending on the gender chosen in the first question, the questionnaire will hide the irrelevant answer choices in the subsequent question. For men, options like skirts and tunics will be hidden.

Survey question 11
Show Answers 42

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Where is Hide/Show Answer Options logic used?

In case your survey gets live, it’s not possible to delete or alter the answer options in your survey, especially when they have gained responses. In such scenarios, it’s better to hide such answer options from the rest of the respondents. For instance, you created a survey to gather respondents’ feedback about your 5 products. Out of those 5 products, your company has decided not to manufacture 1 product anymore. So, you would want to hide that product option from your answer choices.  

Using Hide/Show Answer Options logic empowers you to show or hide answer choices in real-time on the basis of customer preferences and previous purchases. It makes it easy to display answer choices on the basis of the previous ones selected by the respondent, thereby playing a vital role in concept testing.

What are the advantages of using Hide/Show Answer Options?

Relevant and ideal options: Respondents hate irrelevant answer options in surveys. While answering a survey, if they get to answer items that do not resonate with their choices, they’re most likely to drop out or give poor feedback. Using Hide/Show Answer Options logic helps to filter out the irrelevant options from the survey. This makes the survey seem on-point and the respondents feel valued while answering them. 

Saves time: As respondents don’t have to figure out the relevant answer options themselves, this logic saves a lot of their time.

Enhanced Experience: By hiding the extraneous and not so relevant answer options, the survey length gets reduced automatically. Moreover, the respondents can easily find options pertaining to their choice which elevates their overall survey experience.

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