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What is a File Upload Question?

A file upload question is used in online surveys that enables respondents to attach some files or documents in order to support their answer. As there are certain scenarios when the answer given by a respondent needs to be backed up with proof, adding a file upload question can help. Moreover, the respondents can select the file that they need to attach, check its format and size, and upload it simply by clicking a button. Once they upload the file, it becomes accessible by the researchers. 

Example of a File Upload Question

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Where is a File Upload Question used?

While conducting surveys for market research, there’s a need to gather huge information which increases the length of the surveys and makes them highly detailed. While it’s not possible to collect every possible aspect of information through one survey, using a file upload question might solve the issue. By seamlessly uploading files like images, audio/video, documents, etc., this question type proves to be a boon for including additional data or documents inside the survey.

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What are the advantages of using a File Upload Question?

References for Information: When you conduct surveys to collect data from numerous sources, there’s no authenticity for the information gathered. Using file upload questions makes it easy to cite a source or specific reference for every piece of information. By supporting various file types, this question type allows respondents to zip files and upload them effortlessly (in case of size issues). 

Adds credibility: By empowering respondents to attach support files or documents, this question type adds credibility to their feedback. Intending to authenticate individual responses, this question type ensures the data collected is reliable and unadulterated.

Streamlines data collection for on-field surveys: While conducting surveys for on-field data collection, it gets inconvenient and exasperating to type lengthy answers. In such cases, using a file upload question can be a fast and effective way of collecting feedback from respondents.

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