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External variable-based data segmentation

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What is external variable-based segmentation in surveys?

Most of the online survey software allows you to segment your data based on customer variables. What does that mean? Well, it is not always the case that it is possible for you to segment your survey responses based on inbuilt variables like time, date, survey status, etc.

Most of the time you must introduce a new variable and use that to group survey responses. This is called using external variables to segment your survey data. In this article, let us dig deep into how it works.

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Example of using external variable to segment survey data

Consider a brand who sells\ products/services to its customers. As a customer experience initiative, the marketers and sales teams come together to arrange a personalized discount contest for their customers. 

Customers are supposed to fill their regular feedback forms and using customer ID, the authorities will select customers who have been loyal to the brand from the longest. Although, you can participate in the competition only if you fill the survey. Here, customer ID is an external variable based on which the survey responses will be recorded. 

Another example of this can be a job application where the recruiter asks for a referral code if there is any with the applicant. This will help the board to shortlist candidates based on referrals first.

Uses of external variables in survey responses

As said earlier, external variables help you to customize your survey responses and their grouping based on a variable that you introduced. You don’t have to limit to inbuilt variables and go out of the way to frame questions. Answers to these questions will act as filters of survey responses and group them accordingly.

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Advantages of using external variables for segmentation

  • Researchers can customize survey responses groups based on the variables they introduced in the survey.
  • Doing so helps them to categorize survey responses the way they want and analyze the survey data.

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