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What is an Essay Comment?

Being widely used to collect open-ended responses, essay comment questions are ideal for gathering longer text-based answers. Playing a pivotal role in conducting qualitative market research, this question type enables respondents to answer on the basis of their understanding, perception, as well as knowledge. Supporting an open text format, these questions are not confined to a specific number of answer options. However, the researchers have the authority to limit the number of words that can be entered in the essay comment.

Example of an Essay Comment

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Where is an Essay Comment used?

In today’s time, respondents prefer answering a survey that lets them share their feedback and voice their opinions freely on a specific topic. If they don’t get a chance to openly share their ideas, they’re most likely to abandon the survey. Using an essay comment question comes with NO predefined answer options so the respondents can easily write what’s there in the mind. The essay comment questions are highly used in cases where there’s a need to gather descriptive and long-form textual information from respondents. This question type also helps to understand the specific concerns or issues that your respondents might have.

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What are the advantages of using an Essay Comment?

An infinite list of answers: By encouraging respondents to provide long responses, essay comment questions help them share their opinions without any restriction. Thus, the respondents feel valued and they participate in the survey with full vigor.

More valid responses: As respondents can answer the questions freely, they just don’t answer the survey for the sake of it. Moreover, essay comment questions empower them to clarify their responses which help to gather accurate feedback.

Uncover true personas: By allowing respondents to answer in detail, using essay comment question type helps to develop a real and insightful understanding of the respondents. It helps researchers dive deeper into their choices, logic, opinions, and references.

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