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Engage respondents with easy to answer dropdown questions in your surveys.

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What is a dropdown question and how can it be used in a survey/questionnaire?

Dropdown survey questions allow questionnaire respondents to choose their answer from a pre established list of options by clicking on a drop down menu.

Modern online survey tools allow respondents to select multiple options from dropdown menus as well. These survey questions come in handy primarily when you want to ensure that your respondents stick to a certain “path” while going through your survey. 

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For example, consider that you’re a travel agent who’s setting up a trip. Your dining partners would like to know your target audience’s food preferences.

A drop down matrix can allow you to set price brackets and quickly get responses from your target audience.

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What are the advantages of a dropdown survey question?

Reduces visual complexity: Dropdown questions allow researchers to give a multitude of options without covering the page with text. 

Easy to use: Voxco online makes it extremely easy to add drop down questions to your surveys. You simply need to drag and drop them in the order you want them.

Easily answerable: Respondents belonging to most demographics or segments would find it easy to answer drop down survey questions. All the need to do is click the drop down menu, select the right answer and submit.

In cases where there are multiple items and you need to evaluate the level of their importance, drag and drop ranking is the question type you definitely need to consider. You can ask the respondents to rank the items on the basis of likes, dislikes, features, utility, etc. As the respondents rank the items on the basis of priority, one variable will always own a higher rating in comparison to the other. By empowering respondents to arrange their answer options, this question type is known for providing utmost freedom.

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Where can you use dropdown survey questions?

These survey questions are useful for when researchers want to limit their pool of respondents, or if they wish to ensure that respondents stick to pre established paths in the survey.

One can use dropdown questions to ask respondents what country or state or city they belong to. You can then choose to allow only respondents from certain regions to proceed.

You can use drop down surveys for personal identification like gender, salutation, ethnicity as well.

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