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Custom scripting

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What do you mean by custom scripting?

Custom scripting refers to logical change in the survey flow or actions depending on predefined conditions or triggers. These conditions or triggers are customized by the survey creator, for every question and its answer options. Based on how the respondent answers the questions, will define its survey flow. 

You can look at custom scripting as a short logical code written in a certain language, by using a survey software. Many online survey software provide this functionality where the creator can customize the survey flow differently for different patterns of choices.

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Example of custom scripting

Below code is written by a survey creator who wants to ask more questions, if the feedback is mostly negative.

Q2 is one type of a question which references sub-questions as Q2_1, Q2_2 and so on respectively. If the sub-questions get either 1 or 2 as an answer, the survey jumps to Q3.

Using custom scripting logic in questions

Using custom logic on one framed survey, and based on what the respondent chooses, looping through various questionnaires is one of the uses of customer scripting. Let’s say a college conducted a course evaluation survey with the students. They can send out one generic survey to all the students, and based on their option choice, they will be directed to respective questions. 

Apart from this, custom logic can also be applied when a retail shop chain wants to ask customers for feedback. Based on various locations and branches, the survey can be directed to the location specific questions. 

Along with that, custom scripting can also be used for:

  • Text piping 
  • Scoring logic 
  • Matrix question
  • Branching open-ended questions
  • Advanced randomization

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Advantages of custom scripting logic

  • With branching the survey to answer option specific questionnaires, customer scripting helps your survey to be short and concise. 
  • Custom logic also allows you to direct respondents to the correct questionnaires based on what they have chosen. This reduces survey response time and increases response rates. 
  • Customizing survey flow logically makes it easier for the survey creator to set conditions and trigger the right questions.

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