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What is a Custom Question?

With the ability to create questions that are unique to a specific business, custom questions are mainly used by brands in their product/service feedback surveys. By reflecting a brand’s voice, custom questions help them effectively communicate with the customers (as well as employees!) From layout and logo to question wording and answer option styles, a custom question helps to create visually engaging surveys while maintaining the integrity of research.

Example of a Custom Question

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Where is a Custom Question used?

Most respondents don’t prefer to answer surveys from an unknown brand. Using a custom question plays a key role in adding the look and feel of a business into the survey. Instead of using questions from a bland survey design, custom question empowers researchers to include a footprint of the brand attributes in their online survey or questionnaire. By using logos, color codes, and fonts that match a brand’s theme, custom questions help to elevate the overall survey experience.

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What are the advantages of using a Custom Question?

High Response rates: Conducting a survey with uncustomized questions may lead to low response rates as the respondents don’t recognize your brand. Leveraging custom questions make your survey more appealing and respondents are more likely to participate in the survey. 

Boosts brand presence: Adding custom questions play a pivotal role in reminding respondents about your business throughout the survey. Even after the survey completion, respondents will not forget your brand’s name, logo, and theme. This further helps to stand out among competitors in the marketplace.

Know respondents well: Using custom questions in your survey enables you to understand your target audience and how they perceive your brand. Once you configure the target audience and create custom questions in your survey, it gets easy to build a great reputation that encourages positive reactions.

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