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What are automated survey reminders?

It is statistically proven that depending on the industry and field of audience, email opening rates vary in range from 10% to 40%. Meaning, assuming you have good email opening rates, even though there will be 60 out of 100 respondents who won’t even read your email. 

Anyway, you overcome this buffer with an automatic survey reminder email. Automated reminder refers to sending a reminder certain days or hours after the first survey invitation has been sent to the respondents. You can make use of any online survey software which will help you to create and schedule an automated reminder email. This email is sent to those respondents who haven’t opened your email or haven’t answered the survey yet.

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Creating an automated survey reminder email

  • Enable follow-up emails – while creating a survey, make sure you set it up for follow-up emails too. This way, any later emails that go out will be referencing this parent survey invitation email. 
  • Create content – decide what you want to show the respondents in your reminder email. Make sure to politely remind them of their missing survey response. Let them know that their opinion matters for the greater good, so it pushes them to fill the survey. Send the survey link again if necessary.
  • Frequency – set the frequency of how often you want the reminder emails to go out. You can send the reminders once or twice. Anything more than that isn’t a good practice given that it may irritate the respondents who do not want to answer the survey by will. 
  • Monitor the results – make sure to keep an eye on the responses you get after each reminder email. Depending on the responses from the first reminder, you can decide if you want to send another one.

Examples of automated survey reminder emails

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Advantages of sending automated survey reminder emails

  • Sending out automated reminder emails for your surveys make sure that you have attention of the respondents that missed out on your survey the first time. It lets you monitor the number of people who took your survey and who didn’t. 
  • Along with that, reminding people as a company courtesy also enhances survey response rates, with people mostly responding the second time.
  • It also helps you build a stronger brand name. People look at your brand differently and in a positive way when they notice that you are considerate enough to keep a follow up.

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