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Autocomplete Questions in Surveys ​

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What is an “Autocomplete Survey”, and how does it work in a survey/questionnaire?

Autocomplete questions in surveys are a textbox entry type question which can “predict” or “guess” a respondent’s answer.

It’s possible to let the respondent choose from a predetermined answer, or type out their own answer if they can’t find a response which fits their requirement.

What are the advantages of Autocomplete questions?

Extremely easy to set up: Voxco’s omnichannel online survey tools make it simple to integrate these questions into your surveys

Intuitive: Autocomplete surveys are extremely intuitive, and make it easy to guide respondents through complex surveys. However, you must be sure to avoid creating biased questions with this tool.

Where can you use Autocomplete questions?

Autocomplete questions are extremely versatile, and can be used in virtually any scenario. They work well on most devices, including smartphones and tablets. 

Asking respondents to input personal details: For example, you need to ensure your respondents are within a certain age range. You can do this by setting your autocomplete question to only suggest and accept dates within a certain predefined range.

Comparative questions/Brand related questions: Suppose you’d like to query your respondents on their favorite car manufacturers as part of research you’re conducting for a sports car that you’re planning to launch. You can set autocomplete surveys to only suggest and accept user inputs which are other sport car manufacturers.

Check out how to use an autocomplete question in a survey​

Autocomplete survey type example

Let’s say you need to ensure your respondents stick to a certain “path” in your surveys, or you would like to ensure they meet a certain criteria or demographic before they proceed further in the survey. Autocomplete survey questions can help your respondents quickly fill out these answers and proceed with their survey.

Q) Please type the name of the city you are residing in
The respondent will then begin typing their city, and as they type each character, options matching his input will appear on screen. These options will be pre selected by you. If the respondent is not a resident of any city that fits your research criteria, they can be directed to exit the survey, or you can allow them to type the name of their city as a response to your question.

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