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Auto advance in surveys

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What do you mean by auto- advance in surveys?

Auto-advance, sometimes called the interactive survey mode, serves as a feature which enables you to advance the survey to the next question once the respondent has answered the current one.

In most of the surveys, you can see a question appearing on a page, and the respondent clicks “Next” to go to the next one. When you think about it, most of the time respondents are in a hurry and this answering and submitting technique can still seem too much to do. With the auto-advance feature, you can automatically bring the respondent to the next question as soon as they select their answer option.

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Example of auto-advancement or interactive mode in surveys

Let’s assume there is a brand that wants to conduct market research with a pretty lengthy survey. The researcher focuses on gathering information on customer needs, expectations, and requirements. Such lengthy surveys often bore people to complete due to time constraints. Especially when there are open-ended questions involved. 

With auto-advancement or interactive mode enabled, you can take the respondents to the next question as soon as they answer the previous one. This way you can reduce the time and efforts needed to complete the survey.

Uses of auto-advancement in surveys

When you have interactive mode or auto-advancement mode enabled in your survey, you help respondents by taking them to the next question. Most of the time, it gets frustrating to click on the “Next” button after every question. 

When the respondents are taken to the next page of the survey automatically, the survey answering process goes smooth and fast. You can thus minimize the frustration and fatigue people face while answering lengthy surveys.

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Advantages of enabling auto-advance mode in surveys

  • Maximum response rates – auto-advancement in surveys makes the survey completion process smooth and fast for respondents. This will ultimately increase the chances of them taking to survey till the end, increasing the response rate. 
  • Time saving – as the advancement process is automated, it saves much time required for clicking the “Next” button every time. This difference will be more significant in long surveys having lots of questions to answer. 
  • Efforts saving – along with time, it saves the efforts of the respondents to exclusively click on the “Next” button after every question. Automated processes look impressive as well as less frustrating.

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