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The Healthcare industry involves a lot of patient insight and works to provide the best treatment for the patients. It is one of the most essential industries and its success is measured by the parameters of patient satisfaction and patient experience. 

The Healthcare industry requires conclusive insight to understand their patient’s requirements in order to provide resolution. The services provided should be designed according to the needs of the patients. Surveys are the ways that help the patients share their complaints and requests, while it helps Healthcare providers to listen and analyze the patient feedback. 

Patients, however, may not be comfortable enough to provide their feedback or sensitive information, which makes surveys the better medium for them to share their thoughts. Healthcare Survey Software can help you reach patients to help health services provide optimum healthcare plans and experiences for them.

What is Healthcare Survey Software?

Healthcare Survey Software like any Omnichannel Survey Software helps you build surveys to gather patient feedback. It helps analyze the data and utilize the insight to create a patient-centric healthcare system.

What are the benefits of using healthcare survey software? 

  • Healthcare Survey Software is the platform that helps you to understand a patient’s requirements. It allows you to talk directly to the patients and caregivers to understand how you can improve their experience. 
  • It helps you take the initiative to bridge the gap between patients and healthcare providers to make sure that the healthcare industry lives up to the expectation of their patients. 
  • Healthcare Survey Software provides you means to conduct digital (online and offline) surveys and collect data in real-time. 
  • Unlike feedback gathered using traditional pen and paper surveys which leads to delay in optimizing their experience or delivering care. Digital Survey helps gather insight in real-time, diagnose them and provide quality service in record time.

Role of Healthcare Survey Software

Healthcare Survey Software offers extensive tools and features to build a responsive survey. Patient Experience Survey helps the healthcare providers understand what happens during a patient’s journey. Patient Satisfaction Survey helps track what services patients were satisfied with and which services need improvement.

Patient Experience Survey

The Patient Experience Survey tracks a patient’s journey. It requires healthcare providers to have real-time insight into a patient’s journeys as well as post-treatment health data. 

The Patient Journey includes every interaction a patient has with the healthcare providers. It therefore also includes valuable aspects of healthcare delivery that patients seek and receive. Healthcare services, such as timely appointments, communication with caregivers, etc., impact a patient’s experience. 

With Healthcare Survey Software you can utilize patient experience surveys to identify and analyze pain points in their experience so that you can optimize patient journeys.

Patient Satisfaction Survey

Patient Satisfaction Survey helps you to keep track of the services provided and how satisfied customers are with the quality of the services. Patient Satisfaction involves a patient’s expectation about the care they receive and their satisfaction with it. 

Patient Satisfaction is an important metric to track because two people receiving the same care can have different satisfaction levels due to their expectations. The survey helps you gather these varying expectations to help you provide personalized care to the patients. 

There are various aspects of patient satisfaction that you can measure with the Survey: responsiveness of medicare staff, communication, hospital environment, etc.

Healthcare Survey Software uses an Omnichannel platform that collects data across multiple channels and stores in a centralized database. Healthcare providers can access the data of a patient during their interaction and provide the expected care. It records survey results to help you bridge the gap between the patient’s expected care and the care delivered.

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Advantages of using Healthcare Survey Software

The aim of Healthcare Survey Software is to help you create a patient-centric care system. The platform provides you several features to survey your patients – new/ old, senior, or disabled – minding their convenience, analyzing the data, and using the insight to drive a successful patient experience.

Healthcare Call Centers

In the Healthcare Industry it is important to meet and exceed patient expectations to ensure they are satisfied with the quality of service and care you provide. 

Phone calls are a traditional way to reach patients and learn about their thoughts and feelings regarding the service they received. Phone surveys using CATI software merged with IVR and dialer can help you increase productivity. 

Healthcare Survey Software can help you reach more patients or their caregivers and make more calls such as 

  • Welcome calls
  • Health risk assessments
  • Follow-up calls on discharge

Face-to-Face Patient Evaluation

With senior and disabled patients it is the responsibility of the Healthcare providers to ensure that they receive all healthcare needs and customized care plans. 

Face-to-Face patient evaluation involves conducting in-house surveys or interviews (even without internet connection) with hard-to-reach patients. The interview is conducted using a mobile device (iPad or Android Tablet) enabled with survey software. 

Your interviewer visits the patient in person to conduct a computer-assisted interview and evaluate their health requirements and living situation. The collected data is synced to the healthcare system and analyzed. The insight gained from the interview can be used to offer them customized care plans depending on the care they seek from you.

Healthcare Analytics

Data you collect from patient feedback won’t be much help if it is not analyzed and translated into valuable insight. Utilizing Healthcare Analytics can help you leverage your data for you to come up with strategies that can make your patients satisfied with your services and their experience. 

Analytics acts as a tool to look deeper into the data. It uncovers the sentiment, likes, and dislikes of the patient. It helps you sort through the data to come to an effective conclusion. Analytics helps you enrich your data on patient research and aids you in designing suitable care plans that benefit the patients.


Health Surveys monitor the population’s health. It helps track and measure inequalities within the healthcare system.

Patient Satisfaction Survey helps the healthcare industry gather patient feedback on multiple touchpoints during their journey with medical care. It gathers insight on the gap between the quality of care patients expect and the care they receive from the healthcare providers.

There are two major types of Health Surveys

  • Population Surveys and Provider Surveys
  • used to gather statistics on Healthcare.