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Creating a survey using survey software has now become very easy. But collecting actionable data can sometimes prove difficult. You must ensure that you reach the audience in their preferred channels, or you miss the chance to gather insightful data. 

The best way to gather accurate data and increase survey response rates is to use the preferred channels to share surveys across a broader audience. Here we will briefly discuss the types of channels you can use to reach your audience and engage them.

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3 ways to share surveys

We have all responded to surveys whenever we interact with services or buy products. You must have dozens of survey invites if you check your e-mail or SMS inbox. Similarly, you must have also seen interviews being conducted in public places or must have received phone calls asking for your opinions.

Share survey Quota management

These are some legacy distribution channels that companies have been using for decades to reach out to their audience in the hopes of gathering valuable data. 

Here we have listed down legacy and modern ways you can share surveys and gather data. 

1. Online surveys

The surveys you share over the internet are online surveys. You can use digital channels such as e-mails, social media, websites, and SMS to conduct online surveys. We have mentioned the digital channels you can use to share the surveys with Voxco. 


To conduct an online survey, most people immediately think of e-mail as a direct form of contact with the audience. It’s simple to set up, and you can automate the survey. 

Moreover, most online survey software enables you to add customization, such as using the recipient’s first name and white-labeling the domain to help you connect with the receiver.

Social media – 

Social media survey revolves around being public, and one way to keep the dialogue going is to collect feedback from your followers and non-followers. Sharing a survey on any social media platform allows the audience to share their feedback and engage in conversation with others publicly. 

Social media surveys also allow your audience to share surveys with their followers thus allowing you to extend your reach with less effort. 


You can integrate surveys into your website and ask visitors to take your survey. You gain real-time insight by gathering feedback on your website, and you keep people on your site longer. Visitors are likely to be interested in this form of contact with your company since they have already confirmed their interest by visiting your website.


SMS turns out to be the channel with the highest response rates over time. These surveys are the ticket to success and never lose their importance. SMS only requires you to spend a little money. You also don’t have to think about the phone your consumers are using because the survey link can be sent to everyone.

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2. Offline surveys

Maintaining an internet connection might make collecting survey results from your target market challenging at times. Offline surveys are an excellent alternative for site observations or market research since they allow you to move about untethered and collect critical data from respondents. Moreover, you don’t have to share surveys via post with modern offline surveys. 

With technological advancement, offline surveys are not limited to paper surveys. You can use a mobile device to gather data even without the internet. The offline survey software will store your data, and once you connect to the internet, the data is sent to the server for analysis. 

This makes the modern offline survey cost-effective and faster than legacy offline/paper surveys. 

3. Telephony surveys

A telephone survey is a quantifiable survey method used by B2B and B2C marketers and analysts to learn what customers think about the company. Additionally, telephone surveys assess the marketability of new product or service concepts and compare the competition to the firm. 

With outbound dialers and IVR, you can connect with more audiences and gather valuable data in lesser time. The modern and robust phone survey software only connects your agent when a human receives the call. It is cost-effective and increases productivity and response rates.

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If you share surveys in different ways, you will be able to reach as many people as possible. Not every approach is appropriate for every organization or survey objective. 

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