Lightning quick
Setting up your rewards program is easy! You can have an incentives program up and running within a few minutes!


Suitable for any vertical

Savings all around

Rybbon and Voxco maintain best in the industry security protocols, so you can be sure that any transaction you conduct via the platform is secure.

Clients from any vertical will be able to use Rybbon for quick, secure and seamless incentive disbursement.

Save time and money! Once your campaign is set up, rewards are dispensed automatically to qualified respondents, cutting out all need for micromanagement.
What's more - unclaimed rewards are automatically refunded!


Track and manage multiple surveys with Rybbon’s campaign manager
Easily automate and manage your rewards. Track rewards which have been delivered for multiple survey projects.

Brand rewards with your identity
Choose from a variety of rewards which align with your ethos. Each reward is branded and customized to suit your brand identity.

Detailed reports
Have incentives tied to multiple surveys and want to know how they’re performing? 
Rybbon allows you to generate reports on each project.

Why Rybbon

Interested in rewarding your respondents? Here’s how you can do it!

Customer experience researchers: 

Improve respondent participation without wasting resources on unclaimed rewards with Rybbon.


Rybbon is the only tool that complies with IRB requirements for reward delivery with response anonymity.  

Market researchers:

Easily manage multiple clients within one simple tool

Rybbon Survey Incentive Integration 

With this intuitive and seamless integration, researchers using Voxco’s omnichannel survey solution have access to Rybbon’s comprehensive digital rewards program.


You can now use Rybbon’s extensive rewards management system to incentivize your surveys - improve your response rates and lower survey drop off rates!

Easy Integration and Automation


2) Create a campaign

3)Integrate and Reward!

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