Retail Customer Feedback Survey

Customer Feedback is one of the most crucial aspects of any business, be it big or small. If the business has to last as well as grow in stature it cannot do so without its customers. Thus ensuring that customers have an optimal experience is necessary. Especially when it comes to retail. The retail stores represent the brand and thus, the relationship that the customer will have with the brand will largely be determined by their experience in these stores. And what better way to know about the experience of the customers than asking them for feedback.

Retail Customer Feedback Surveys are the best way to get insights directly from the customers. By asking customers about what they liked in the stores, what seemed off to them, what they felt about various aspects like interacting with the staff, how their overall experience was – all this will help you understand what you’re brand stores are getting right and where they should improve themselves to deliver the best experience to the visiting customers.

However, in order to get the maximum out of the survey, framing and selecting questions is key. The survey must be designed in such a way as to make it easy for the customer to fill it as well as maximize the insights obtained from it. It must have a mix of open-ended questions, NPS® questions to gauge the exact feedback. Confused? Let Voxco handle it for you.

Why choose Voxco?

  • With our handcrafted retail survey template, you can be rest assured to get optimal feedback from your customers.
  • Our diverse question library – from NPS® Slider questions, radio questions, multiple choice questions – to ensure every aspect of the customer’s experience is covered.
  • Have stores in remote areas without access to the internet – not to worry – Voxco Offline provides you the option of gathering data at the local place and then uploading it on a server when connection is established.


Retail surveys are generally conducted in retail outlets by brands to gauge the overall store experience that a customer has when they visit these outlets.

In order to get good quality feedback, it is suggested that these surveys must be conducted when a customer is exiting the store – as the experience is fresh in the customer’s memory.

Questions in a retail feedback survey should revolve around various aspects of the stores – like the variety of products, the interactions with the salespeople, the ease of transaction, the accessibility of the stores etc.

These surveys can generally range from 7 – 10 questions. They shouldn’t be too long as it would discourage customers from completing them and shouldn’t be too short as the insights gained wouldn’t be sufficient.

Such surveys can be placed in booths outside the stores. Alternatively, they can be sent over emails after the customer completes the interaction at the store.