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Quality Parameters Quality Parameters

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For a Call Center manager, it is important to know which quality assurance metrics can give them insight into the performance of the Call Center. The purpose of QA metrics is to highlight Call Center’s productivity in relation to customer experience and employee efficiency.

Quality Parameters (QA Metrics) vary between Call Center industries. Different sectors have different workflow and customer demand. The quality parameters of each industry are adapted according to the needs of the industry. For example, a Bank and Technical Support will have different performance and customer satisfaction to follow.

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What are the Quality Parameters?

ASA or Average Speed of Answer: This metrics tracks the amount of time your agent takes to answer an inbound call. This is a customer-centric metric and helps in influencing customer satisfaction. 

FCR or First Call Resolution: It tracks if your agents can resolve a customer query in the first interaction or do they need to do a follow-up. 

AHT or Average Handle Time: This metrics records the time an agent takes to complete the entire transaction. It starts from the moment the agent is connected with the customer on the phone all the way until the agents finish the After Call Work.

CSAT or Customer Satisfaction Score: It measures the degree customers are satisfied with the service provided by a Customer Service. 

NPS® or Net Promoter Score®: With NPS® you can examine the satisfaction and loyalty of your customer base. You can check if your customers are likely to recommend your service to their acquaintances or not. 

CES or Customer Effort Score: This Customer Experience metric is different from usual metrics. With this metric, you can ask the customers how much effort the customer had to put in their journey with the company. The aim is to understand the customer’s effort and reduce it in order to increase customer happiness and satisfaction. 

It is important to remember that to improve the Quality of the Call Center performance you must define the purpose of the QA program first. Once you have established what your goal is you can identify which Quality Parameters will align with the goal. This way you can design your action plan and track and monitor those QA metrics.

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What are the benefits of tracking Quality Parameters?

You can improve Agent Efficiency

  • Tracking the metrics of individual agents can help the trainers keep track of the performance displayed by the agents. This will help them identify which agent needs more training and knowledge. You can refine the training program and focus on helping the agents in developing the skills they lack. 
  • By giving feedback and training the agents, the manager can build a tradition among the agents to improve their performance. 

You can improve the Operational Performance of your Call Center

  • Monitoring the metrics for a long time can highlight the inefficiencies that may be affecting the performance of the call center. You can eliminate these issues and streamline the workflow of the center. 

You can influence a positive experience for customers

  • Improving the entire functioning of the Call Center will have positive results on customer experience. Efficient call handling, quality agent performance, better call resolution, etc. will inevitably improve Customer Experience. 
  • Customers receiving better quality service will increase customer satisfaction and decrease customer churn. As a result, brand loyalty and awareness will also improve with customers recommending your services and products.

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Best Practices you can adopt for Quality Parameters

Track the QA metrics: 

You need to regularly track and monitor the Quality Parameters. By analyzing the data regularly you can understand what changes are required to meet the ultimate goal of the call center. You can improve the areas with inefficiencies, help agents improve their performance, and adopt new strategies. 

Diverse Perspective: 

Share the analysis with other managers and experts as well. This will give you a different view point and help you see things you may have missed, thus giving you a broader perspective. 

Provide other Channels to your Customers: 

Providing customers with different options to interact with your agents will improve their experience. They don’t always like to call the agent for support requests. Customers can send in their requests at any time via their preferred channel. However, make sure to monitor other channels as well and provide the same quality service as you provide on phone calls.

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How Quality Parameters can impact on Customer Experience

Many call centers believe that the speed of resolving the issue can reflect what a customer feels about the interaction with the Call Center. However, improving the speed of answering and resolving an issue does not express the customer’s feelings towards the call center.

Most importantly, it does not show how the agent’s behavior impacts the customer’s feelings. 

Trust, transparency, query handling, over the phone experiences are some of the factors that make a difference between high customer satisfaction across all Call Center Industries. The companies focusing on improving these factors have experienced growth and profit in revenue, and employee productivity. 

Employing the Quality Parameters that help improve the agent productivity can help the company gain a high customer satisfaction rate. 

When agents show that they care for the caller and understand their trouble, the customer feels valued. If an agent approaches the caller with indifference, the customer will feel the agent does not care for the customer. As a result, customers are likely to search for other services. 

Agents must let the caller know that they understand what the customer is going through and help ease their stress. This will make customers feel prioritized and appreciated. Thus, improving customer’s experience with the Call Center.


There are Six (6) Quality Parameters used in the Call Center for the purpose of quality assurance. These are: 


  • ASA or Average Speed of Answer
  • FCR or First Call Resolution
  • AHT or Average Handling Time
  • NPS or Net Promoter Score
  • CSAT or Customer Satisfaction Score
  • CES or Customer Effort Score

In the call center, managers and quality analysts monitor the workflow to ensure that the customers are receiving a coherent and positive experience from the agents. The managers analyze the quality of interaction between an agent and a customer.

Quality Analyst monitors the call between an agent and a customer. They provide insights to help improve the agent’s performance and the effectiveness of the interaction. The Quality Analysts gather information while monitoring the call quality.

Quality assurance can benefit a company by building strong employee motivation, improving customer service, and increasing customer retention.

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