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Boost Agent Uptime, Reduce Call Holds, and Improve Call Center Productivity with Voxco’s Preview Dialer! 

Preview Dialer shows the customer’s information to the agents before dialing the number. As a result, the agents become aware of some key information that the company has on the particular customer. The preview dialer provides customer insights to the agent which ensures a personalized conversation and efficient experience for the customer. The agent also has the option to allow the call or skip it, after checking the information they received. 

The preview of the information that the dialer provides to the agent gives the agent time to plan the conversation to entice the customer. 

What makes a preview dialer a valuable component of the contact center is that the agents have an insight into the customer’s life. This makes the flow of conversation more smooth and personal and encourages the agent to interact with the customers.

Preview Dialer is also known as Semi-Automatic Dialer. Unlike an automatic dialer, it does not dial the number of the customer automatically. The preview dialer provides the contact information with additional information to the agent. And, then it waits for the agent to dial the number. 

How a Preview Dialer Works?

  1. The contact information of the target customer is delivered to your agents
  2. The agents review all the information collected by the system
  3. The agent has the option of “click-to-dial” or skip, ‘click-to-dial activates the connection with the customer
  4. The outbound call gets connected with the customer; the agent performs their job or creates a callback
  5. The cycle repeats itself
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Why does a Contact Center need a Preview Dialer?

  • Customer research is an important aim for all Contact Centers. Making a huge volume of calls every day is a complex job. The feature of Preview Dialer is beneficial in particular for complex works such as contact center. 
  • Having insights on prospective customers/clients can empower the contact center a great deal. A personalized conversation with the customer/client will give them a sense of priority. This will lead to a satisfying customer experience
  • Preview Dialer also benefits the agents who work in your team. The agents have plenty of time between calls to review and analyze the information on the customer. 
  • This time between allows the agent to come up with a conversation that would suit the taste of the customer. This leads to not only successful conversion but also the agents get a breather and not overwork

What are The Benefits of Preview Dialer?

There are several benefits of using Preview Dialer in your contact center. Let’s check the list to learn in detail

Save Time

  • A preview call saves time for the agent as well as the customer. The agents don’t have to go through unnecessary questions because they already have information available to them. And, the customer too won’t have to repeat their answer. 
  • This reduces the time wasted on exchanging minor information. The agent can focus on the intention of the call and deliver better service. 

Reduce Dropped Calls

  • A preview Dialer only dials the next customer when the agent gives the command. The software waits for the agent to become available. 
  • A Preview Dialer waiting for the agent to give permission to make the call reduces any awkward interaction. The agent can address the customer directly on the first hello. Thereby, successfully reducing drop calls.

Conversion Rate

  • With a personalized conversation between the agent and the customer, a high conversion rate is achieved. With the intel provided by the Preview Dialer, the agent can understand and study the customer’s call history with the company, potential issues, buying habits, etc. 
  • The sales team can design an insightful conversation with the customer information provided by Preview Dialer. This can help to make result-driven outbound calls, bringing a higher conversion rate for the contact center.


  • The agents can prioritize the customers when conversing with them thanks to the customer data provided by the preview dialer. The agents can come up with a strategic approach for potential customers/clients. 

Agent Efficiency

  • The information that the preview dialer provides helps the agent optimize a result-driven conversation. The agents become more productive when they know how they should approach the customer. They can implement the purpose of the call (sales, donation) and bring out better results for the company’s goal. 
Outbound Call Center Equipment setup

Outbound Call Center Equipment setup

Outbound call centers are primarily focused on outbound calls but can take incoming calls/missed calls and add them to their schedule. The equipment required per agent for these call centers typically includes a computer (could be a desktop, laptop, or Chromebook), a headset, a reliable internet connection, and a powerful software suite capable of automated dialing and predictive dialing. 

Inbound Call Center Equipment setup

Inbound call centers are those which are set up to tackle inbound calls, but have the capability to make outbound calls as follow ups to customer requests and dropped calls. A competent software stack will dictate how productive your inbound call center is, irrespective of whether you’re running remote or on-premise operations. Equipment typically required by inbound call centers includes a computer, reliable internet, a headset, and powerful cloud call center software. Software enablements must-have features like ACD (Automatic call distributor) and IVR Survey software to help maximize productivity and ensure that there are fewer dropped calls.

Inbound Call Center Equipment setup

When not to use Preview Dialer?

With all the advantages, there is one setback that limits the Preview Dialer. When you have very minor details of the customers in your database, the preview dialer can’t help your agents with the conversation. 

In case, when you only have a name, email address, and phone number, for example, the agents cannot personalize any conversation.

Examples of Cases when Preview Dialer can Help

At times when a customer needs assistance with a complex situation:

  • The agent can study and analyze the data the system has on the client. This can help the agent prepare the best possible solution to resolve the issue before commanding the Preview Dialer to dial the customer.
  • The sales team can utilize the Preview Dialer to follow up on any inquiry or request made by a customer about a product.

How to get more from your call center equipment?

Feedback management

Voxco’s call center software combined with its omnichannel feedback management platform allows call centers to leverage CATI software and IVR tools to gather and manage feedback. You can collect feedback from both potential and existing customers to get insights into key factors like Customer Experience, Brand Advocacy, and feedback about product or brand changes. 

There’s no need to restrict yourself to CATI and IVR, as Voxco’s omnichannel platform allows you to seamlessly combine their findings with online surveys, giving you a truly holistic picture about your area of interest. 

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Large scale studies for social research

Call Center Equipment is built to handle a high volume of calls, and that’s precisely what large scale social research studies often require. Read how Siena College leveraged Voxco’s platform to make over 3 million calls + 50,000 completed interviews during the 2018 midterm elections and published live results!

Features of Preview Dialer


Preview Dialer generates overall reports based on the performance of the entire contact center. All call history and call-related activities are saved and crafted into a report for analysis. 

The data produced helps the superiors and the management to make informed and result-driven decisions. 

Number Filtering

The non-productive numbers are filtered out of the list of customer contact by the preview dialer. This reduces the agent’s time and effort of calling a DNC number. Only making useful calls save time and increase productivity.

Moreover, along with DNC numbers it also eliminates answering machines. This ensures that agents only focus on the useful numbers.

CRM integration

Preview Dialer working together with CRM integration ensures that the information about the customers is all meaningful. This means that the data stays within the agent’s reach to help in their interaction with the customer/client.

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