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Panelist Traceability

Making panelist management easier. Filter and export your panelists seamlessly according to their date of creation and confirmation.

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Managing panels has never been easier

Now you know when your panelists were created and when they were confirmed. Create quick filters to identify panelists as per your research needs. 


Created Panelists:

See panelists based on the number of days the panelists have been created. 


Confirmed Panelists:

Gain visibility of panelists according to their Opt-in/confirmed date to the Panel.


Non-Confirmed Panelists:

Identify and track panelists with a created date but no confirmation date to easily export, update or delete them.

“Relying on Voxco as our survey software provider has proved to be an excellent choice for our business.”

Valeria Tsamis
Managing Director | FocusBari

Panel visibility at its best

There’s so much more you can do to keep your panels in check.

Sample properties:

Track your samples and filter them to identify confirmed panelists for your research. 

Export Panels:

Filter your panelists with or without a confirmation date to export ideal panels.