On-Premise Survey Tools

Total control of your survey
data hosting.

Powerful survey tools. Flexible hosting options.

Voxco is the industry’s leading provider of in-house survey tools. We work with organizations directly to integrate seamlessly with their existing survey data hosting infrastructure.

Choose on-premise survey tools to get

Full control over data security - Prevent any unauthorised access

Total control over server infrastructure

Confidentiality - Take care of data privacy concerns

Meet stringent industry requirements due to sensitive nature of data

Market research firms

Social & public opinion





The choice of SaaS, on-premise, or hybrid survey data hosting. It’s just one of the reasons Voxco survey software is the most flexible platform in the industry:

Mobile rendering

Surveys look great on any device.

Choices. Use built-in themes and question types or customize your own.


Easily set up advanced logic, piping and routing.


Survey tools for web, mobile, face-to-face and telephone.


Structured to comfortably fit research budgets of all sizes.