Master On-premise Surveys: Complete Control and Flexibility

Gain complete ownership and control of your survey hosting with ease!

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Best-in-class on-premise survey software with unparalleled flexibility

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Transform feedback into insights using on-premise survey software by Voxco. Create engaging omnichannel surveys with seamless integration into your existing survey data hosting infrastructure.

What is on-premise survey software?

An on-premise survey software lets you conduct high-quality surveys within your in-house data servers and existing IT infrastructure. In this type of software, everything is performed on your own hosted environment, i.e. from implementation to maintenance and safety to updates. This software needs to be purchased and installed on your in-house servers. As there is no party involved, an on-premise survey software gives you complete ownership over your survey environment. This software is ideal for organizations who need greater protection and strict control over their data.

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Why should you invest in on-premise survey software?

Custom features

In case you’re looking for customizing the features of your survey software or integrating it with some other tool for advanced functionalities, a survey software that’s installed on your in-house servers will give you more control.

Highly Secure

If data security and industry compliance is the primary concern of your company, it’s important to consider a survey software that lets you host on secure servers for easy management and control. This is the reason why government and financial organizations (having strict data security and privacy policies) prefer to use on-premise survey software.

Effective Control

In on-premise survey software, you have complete control and ownership of your data, hardware, as well as software. So any specific changes, configurations, or required upgrades are performed solely at your discretion.

Better Connectivity

As everything is performed in-house in this survey software, you’re no longer dependent on external factors like the internet for accessing your servers.

How Voxco can help you make the most of your on-premise survey software?

Omnichannel capabilities

Online surveysphone surveys, or one-on-one interviews – all of them can fetch unique insights which can be critical for your business growth. Voxco’s on-premise survey software empowers you to gather insights across multiple channels, and synchronize results in a centralized dashboard.

Best-in-class Analytics

Voxco’s exceptional on-premise survey software comes equipped with a comprehensive set of analytics tools that can help you make the most of your survey data. This is accompanied by advanced reporting capabilities that allow you to create custom reports for presenting to different stakeholders.

Drag and drop functionality

Survey creation might seem like a daunting task, but with Voxco’s drag and drop capability, you just have to drag your chosen question type and drop it into the survey flow. Creating surveys has never been so easy!

Real-time results

Voxco’s top-notch on-premise survey software empowers you to gain feedback in real-time, thereby allowing you to make decisions on the fly. This comes in handy while testing a product or feature updates that can be easily reversed.

Simplified distribution

Be it online surveys, face-to-face interviews, or phone surveys, the accuracy of your findings is dependent on the number of people you’re able to target. With Voxco’s on-premise survey software, you can reach out to your intended audience by distributing surveys via SMS, email, push notifications, and more.

Ultimate Security

Voxco’s on-premise survey software provides top-of-the-line security by seamlessly integrating with your existing data infrastructure. By ensuring no data tampering, it lets you maintain optimal performance and desired efficiency across all times.

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Why choose Voxco for on-premise survey software?

Premium Support

We pride ourselves on delivering round-the-clock support and guidance so that our clients can truly get the most from our platform.

One Unified Solution

With Voxco, you don’t have to worry about the fuss with multiple vendors as there’s a single provider and support/licensing agreement for all different types of surveys.

Regulation Compliance

Be it GDPR, TCPA, or HIPAA – Voxco’s power-packed omnichannel solutions ensure that all compliance requirements are met for seamless operations of your on-premise survey.

Cost-effective Licensing

Voxco offers on-premise deployment options at competitive prices that are dedicatedly tailored to comfortably fit the research budgets of all sizes.

On-premise Survey Software: FAQs

A survey tool is a dedicated software used for making and sending thousands of surveys. These surveys are used for gaining access to data that’s crucial for business growth.

There are 2 types of survey software: 

  • On-premise Survey Software: It conducts high-quality surveys by using the in-house data servers and existing IT infrastructure. 
  • Cloud-based Survey Software: It conducts surveys with the help of cloud computing and doesn’t require any physical servers or infrastructure.

There are 4 types of surveys: 

  • Online surveys: Surveys that are conducted online
  • Paper surveys: Surveys that use traditional paper and pencil 
  • Telephonic Surveys: Surveys that are conducted using telephones. 
  • One-to-One interviews: Surveys that are conducted offline or in person.
  • Quick 
  • Accurate 
  • Cost-friendly
  • Easy to analyze
  • Easy to conduct 

Google Forms are absolutely free to use irrespective of the design, the number of questions, or responses to the survey you conduct.