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Voxco Omnichannel Routing

Reach your customers wherever they are with Voxco’s omnichannel routing capabilities. Synchronize data from all channels to paint a holistic picture of your organization.


What is omnichannel routing?

Omnichannel = multiple, if not all, channels. It implies that an organization is interacting with its prospective and existing customers via several mediums. The digital era and easy access to high-speed internet have made online a regular contact mode alongside telephonic and face-to-face interactions. This extends to businesses as well, and not being reachable on any channel is cause for concern. Omnichannel routing is a methodology that assigns tasks to agents based on pre-decided rules which take agent skills and availability into consideration.

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How does omnichannel routing work?

Feedback management and call center software like Voxco deploys pre-determined rules that allow omnichannel routing to simplify and aid in customer engagement via calls, online and offline messaging, and chats. Caller intent is identified, and the caller is then directed to an agent, typically using ACD (Automatic call distributors). ACD’s are used to parse through available staff and find the agent to be the best fit for the job. A key factor kept in mind while routing is how long a customer has been waiting in the queue. Intelligent ACD’s ensure that no customer has to wait for too long.

How does omnichannel routing benefit your business

Omnichannel routing enables enterprises to capitalize on the full potential of their agent team, making it a powerful tool for any organization.

Reduced average handle time

Queries are assigned only to agents who have the required skill set necessary to deal with the task at hand – vital to improving customer experience.

Better agent productivity

Omnichannel routing allows your agents to interact with customers across any channel they see fit and switch between channels conveniently.

Lower wait times and decreased abandon rates

Effective queue management powered by intelligent ACD ensures that only qualified agents are assigned to customers.

Engage your customers anytime, anywhere

Enable organizational agility with tools designed to boost performance

Voxco CATI

Conduct large-scale research with ease using Voxco CATI Software. The omnichannel capability allows for seamlessly combining insights from Voxco online and IVR as well.

Voxco Online

Easily manage feedback online and quickly create surveys that get responses with Voxco online survey tools. Engage customers on any device, at any time.


Quickly and seamlessly connect callers to the agent to help them with their issue with an Automatic Call Distributor.

Virtual Call Center Software

Remotely manage your agents and boost productivity and save on operating costs with Virtual Call Center Software!

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Feedback management

Omnichannel routing is capable of so much more than being used as a tool to enhance call center productivity. Your customers are active on all channels. It’s time for your business to leverage all channels for feedback. With Voxco’s omnichannel routing and feedback management software, it is possible to monitor feedback and uncover insights with analytics tools.

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Survey research

Reach out to your customers or invite them to participate in surveys to help improve products and services. Omnichannel routing can ensure that feedback is collected from all available channels and seamlessly synced to dashboards for your analysts.

Why Voxco

Integrated communications via Omnichannel routing

Omnichannel routing can empower your support, or survey research needs to be present across all channels like telephone, email, SMS, push notifications, live chat, and more. Give your respondents the ability to choose their preferred means of communication.

Flexible hosting

Voxco gives you the option to store your data on your premises, compliant with your security protocols, or securely in the cloud.

Advanced Analytics

Gather client data across all channels, and uncover insights via powerful analytics tools. Powerful dashboards allow you to make customizable reports for your stakeholders.

Compliant with regulations

We value data privacy – Be compliant with all data privacy and security regulations (HIPAA, TCPA, and more) with Voxco.

Premium support and service

Our best-in-class support teams are there around the clock to help you get the most from your omnichannel routing software.

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