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Omnichannel Quality Assurance Program

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Omnichannel Quality Assurance program is the process of providing a smooth experience to the customers by using multiple channels and ensuring optimal quality in the call center operations. 

In the industry of Contact Center, Omnichannel is more than a traditional phone-based platform for customer service. With the increasing use of technology, customers like to have the choice of multiple contacts medium. Omnichannel is convenient to use with its fast and consistent service.

Also, it is a cost-efficient service which can support your call center agent and make them perform to their full potential.

Omnichannel Quality Assurance Program


What should you do before creating your Quality Assurance Program?

Set Your Goal

To give quality service to the customers, you need to maintain agent performance. The first thing to do is to create a goal to analyze your agent’s performance. 

  • Streamlining AHT / Maintaining high FCR rate / Proactive cross-selling or up-selling

Whatever your performance goal is, it should align with your company mission, customers/clients, and services. Make sure your agents are well aware of the objective. They should also maintain those during customer interaction. 

Understand your Customers

A call center industry depends heavily on customers. In such a case, you cannot dare to upset the customers. You need to understand your audience more openly so that you can prepare your team for any challenge.

Meeting and fulfilling the customer expectation is what agents should focus on. But, the agents should also be able to resolve any queries accurately and quickly. 

Respect your High achievers along with Underperformers

A team that has to manage dozens of different people, not everyone in the customer service team will be good at everything. As a high achiever is praised, you should also appreciate those who did a good job even though it was small. Celebrate a successful career but also ensure that the agents who did unsatisfactory work are held accountable. 

Properly communicate with your team members and motivate them for their future work.

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How do I create an Omnichannel Quality Assurance Program?

Quality Email Service

Despite being one of the oldest communication channels, email is still very useful. Almost 90% of customers expect to have an immediate response from the company within 10 minutes. Email can have a significant impact on increasing the quality of service level.

Email is written communication. Some agents who are better at chatting with customers over a phone call may find responding to email difficult. Moreover, it is hard to convey the intended tone and meaning through the mail. 

So when you develop your mail, you should follow certain factors.

  • Use language clearly, which can be understood by any customers. It would help if you avoided any words that may cause misunderstanding and give a wrong impression. It is better to avoid any words that convey negative meanings such as but, actually, don’t, no, etc. 
  • The email should display the human side of the business. You should emotionally engage with the customer and not respond methodically. This will help the company build a strong relationship with the customer base. 
  • Similarly, to not make the email look clinical, you should make sure your scripted email has the feature to personalize it. If your email looks like the type that has been sent a mass of customers, this suggests you don’t care about your customers. Ensure that the customer’s name is added in the mail to show the customers that the company recognizes them.

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Training tips
for Remote Agents

Quality Chat Service

Live chat allows agents to handle multiple customers at the same time. The agent does not have to put the caller on hold. They can switch between chats with multiple customers to assist them. As a result, it saves time. 

In a live chat, the customer is privately chatting with the agent. It is a one-to-one type of communication between agents and customers. 

The chat also records the transcript, which can help the agent to refer back to the old interaction. This way, the agent can provide a personalized experience to the customer. 

Moreover, offering live chat implies that the customer can receive immediate help while they are browsing through the company website. The agent can help customers through their journey and influence their purchase decision.

 Agents can also up-sell, recommending customers on what products or services would suit them.

Quality Social Media Service

Customers rarely prefer social media as a medium for communication to contact the call center. It is a common marketing tool, but customer service, as well ,has jumped into this channel. 

To ensure optimal performance and serve customers better, the company must be spread around all channels their customers prefer. You need to figure out the social media platforms your customers primarily engage and make your presence there. 

However, social media is a public platform. Receiving any complaint publicly may harm the brand name. In such a case, offer the customer for a private conversation. Ask the customer if they would like to chat somewhere else. 

Additionally, there may be customers spreading misinformation. This may seem a sensitive situation but let your agents reply to those claims by politely correcting them. 

The agents should not take a customer’s complaint to heart. Instead, the agent should reply patiently and politely to ensure your brand’s name is not affected by the complaint. 

Quality Phone Service

Phone service is the most common type of customer service that every agent is well versed with. However, with changing times, customers change. 

The conversation may not remain the same as well, and it may pose difficulty for the agents to handle customers of different generations. While younger generation customers may interact calmly with you, the older generation may lose patience. 

It is important for the agents to display an enthusiastic and attentive tone when talking to the customers. Speaking fast and replying clinically may upset the caller, and they may abandon the call.

So, during a phone conversation, the agent should be empathizing with the customer. Also, the agent should speak at a moderate volume and speed.

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Tips for Omnichannel Quality Assurance Program

Train the agents

There are many ways you can train your agents. But, after training, you have to ensure that the agents understand their roles. 

The traditional method of classroom teaching is ideal when you want the new agents to interact with the old employees. This helps the new recruits become familiar with the company and learn from the senior agents. 

You can use Roleplaying to help agents be accustomed to situations they have to face. You can use call recordings to make the agent go through actual experience. The pressure will help them understand their limitations and strengths.

On-job training to agents who are comfortable with technology is another way to train agents. Letting the agents handle calls independently can motivate the agents and build their confidence. 

Crafting a properly written message

Whether it is live chat or email, writing with clarity is a top priority. You don’t want your customers to misinterpret your message. The agents should review their message before sending it. 

Also, when providing live chat support, the agents need to update the customer throughout the process

Identify Customer Behavior

A call center is expected to offer service for 24 hours every day. But for small businesses and startups, it may not be possible. 

Identify when your customers are most active on your site. You can use the Omnichannel software to forecast the time period customer support is most in-demand and organize the service agents accordingly. 

Be Human

When your customers call for assistance, they want help from a live agent. Reading a script line by line and behaving clinically can rather frustrate the customer. You need to make sure that agents are not simply using the script as a dialogue. The scripts should be used as a guide. 

Collect Customer Data

Customer voices can highlight the sides of your business that you may have missed your attention. Complaints, misunderstandings can be identified better by the use of Live Chats.

Live chat is more suitable to enhance the issues in your customer service. Over time, chat with every customer records transcripts. These transcripts can be analyzed more easily than tracking phone conversations.


How can Voxco Omnichannel Software help you?

Seamless Online and Offline Support:

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With Voxco CATI, Cloud Dialer, and IVR, you can create an integrated system for your phone giving you unparalleled efficiency.

Tools like Panel Manager, Voxco Analytics, and Dashboard, along with an experienced Professional Services team can provide you with all the help to cover your needs.

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Omnichannel has the purpose of giving the customer a seamless, integrated, and cohesive experience across all channels. It allows you to see the customer’s experience through their perspective. 

Multichannel, on the other hand, focuses on how you allow your customer’s journey in each channel to complete transactions.

An Omnichannel Customer Experience can be explained as a collection of an individual customer’s touchpoints across various channels that integrate seamlessly. This allows the customer to start from the point where they left off on a channel and continue their journey on another channel.

The point in a customer journey where they had active interactions with the company is called Touchpoint. A customer’s shopping journey will involve touchpoints when the customer sees your brand/name/product until its purchase.

The main reason why companies map the Omnichannel Customer Journey is to ensure that the customers experience a consistent and seamless journey across all the channels. No matter what device the customer uses, they should be able to pick up from where they left on their journey.