Maximize Productivity With Voxco Pulse Survey Tools

Gather honest feedback to enhance employee engagement

→ Get actionable insights fast on employee experience. 

→ Use pulse surveys to bring critical concerns to the surface at the right time. 

→ Listen to employees’ true voices to make meaningful changes and boost engagement. 

Maximize Productivity With Voxco Pulse Survey Tools Product feedback tool

The pulse survey tool you need to elevate employee experiences

A pulse survey tool empowers you to gather real-time feedback from your employees frequently. The surveys are typically short and ask targeted questions. The purpose of pulse surveys is to gather employee feedback more frequently to monitor engagement levels, concerns, and perceptions consistently. This equips you with the right insights to make timely adjustments, improve employee experience, and foster a culture of continuous growth. 

Interactive surveys with 100+ question type

Multiple channels and modes for data collection

Mobile-responsive surveys

Automated survey translations

Integrated & easy-to-use platform

Real-time data analysis

Data security and compliance

Professional services

Voxco empowers the HR team of a large international e-commerce organization to evaluate its talent acquisition process by surveying an average of 2000 respondents monthly.

How to use pulse survey tools?

Don’t wait for quarterly or annual surveys to gauge employee engagement and satisfaction. Gather pulses across multiple touchpoints and milestones to have a clear view of employee experiences. 

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01. Customize surveys with relevant questions:

Design a pulse survey that engages participants and asks questions relevant to their experience. Choose from 100+ question types and leverage skip and branching logic to ask important questions without being repetitive.  

02. Encourage accessibility within the organization:

Create a culture of accessibility within the organization by sharing surveys in their preferred language and channel. Voxco empowers you to distribute surveys via several online channels and translate them into 100+ languages

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03. Measure and analyze pulse survey results:

Analyze data in real-time and know exactly what is working and what requires change within the organization. Help leaders make the right decision by uncovering trends, patterns, and themes tracking employee satisfaction. Filter data based on multiple variables to see targeted results.

04. Visualize data with dynamic report:

Customize pulse survey reports with graphs, charts, and tables, making them comprehensive and highlighting key points. 

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05. Data security:

Maximize response rates by enabling employees to take surveys anonymously. Protect participants’ identity and maintain data security and privacy compliance.

All you need to know about conducting employee pulse surveys.

Pulse survey tools are the savviest data collection method that enables you to collect real-time responses frequently and keep track of employee experiences at moments that matter. 

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Frequent insights: 

Pulse surveys allow you to frequently capture snapshots of employee sentiment, engagement, and satisfaction. 

This helps you track evolving needs and respond to them swiftly.

Actionable data: 

The data you gather is from the target audience and is immediate, enabling your leaders to know how to boost engagement and retention.

Informed decision-making: 

The data gives you insight into what is working and identifies your successful initiatives, allowing you to double down on those initiatives. 

Eliminate turnover: 

With a pulse survey, you can bring warning signals to the surface at the right time. Use the data to gauge who is at risk of turnover and the cause.

Employee well-being: 

Monitoring employee satisfaction at regular intervals demonstrates your commitment to their mental and emotional health. It can lead to retention, productivity, and loyalty.

Cultural alignment: 

Using the pulse survey data, you can evaluate employee’s alignment with the company’s goals and values. This can highlight the disconnections that you need to address to smoothen operational efficiencie

When should you use anonymous survey tools?

Pulse surveys are meant to be conducted frequently, but when should we use leverage to gather meaningful insights? 

Onboarding process: 

Guage new employees’ first impressions and identify potential onboarding hiccups that you can smooth out to make the process more efficient.

Performance reviews:

Use pulse surveys to gather employee input on the performance review process to ensure it is effective and doesn’t discriminate against employees.

After significant changes:

Evaluate the impact of initiatives or major changes to understand employee reactions and concerns.

Team dynamics:

Guage employee satisfaction with team, collaboration, and communication to address any team issue promptly or identify successful teams.

Culture assessment: 

Assess the alignment of the company’s culture with employee values and goals to find the gap and take action.

Exit surveys:

Pulse surveys can be instrumental when employees leave. Gather insights on their reason for departure and their perception about what more you can do to boost retention.


What is an employee pulse survey?

An employee pulse survey is a quick survey that is designed to gather real-time feedback on specific aspects of their work. Unlike traditional employee experience surveys, pulse surveys are conducted frequently and in a targeted manner. 

What is a pulse survey tool?

A pulse survey tool is an online survey tool that facilitates survey creation, distribution, data collection, and analysis. It offers a wider range of features to help you design targeted surveys that generate targeted data to make informed decisions. 

What is the importance of conducting pulse surveys?

There are several key benefits of conducting pulse surveys: 

  • They enable you to gather insights on time about emerging issues/opportunities. 
  • Frequent surveys demonstrate your commitment to listening to employee concerns and opinions. 
  • Real-time responses empower you to make informed decisions. 

How frequently should you conduct pulse surveys?

The frequency of pulse surveys should depend on the cadence of other marketing efforts and surveys. However, a pulse survey should take place regularly, such as weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly, depending on the needs. 

What pulse surveys can help you measure?

With pulse surveys, you can measure – employee satisfaction, emotional well-being, work environment, team dynamics, communication effectiveness, cultural alignments, change management success, and more. 

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