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Powerful Survey tools actually built for the insurance industry: Insurance Agent Evaluation, Customer Feedback, Insurance Claim Satisfaction, Transactional Surveys, Internal Employee Satisfaction, and much more.

Empower your team to monitor the customer experience, reduce churn, and get a full picture of their journey.

Ensure customer satisfaction & retention

Capture valuable feedback to understand the customer journey across different channels & meet them where they are (online, face-to-face, phone).

Strengthen your culture of customer-first service

Enable insurance providers like you to engage more deeply with customers, truly understand their experience with your services, and increase your Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Get actionable insights from your surveys with analytics

Make data-driven decisions to prioritize your business direction, manage resources, verify claims, customize services, and more.

The Voxco Advantage

Tailored for your needs as an insurance provider

Whether your surveys are internal (employee satisfaction) or external (customer feedback, transactional surveys, post-claim surveys), you’ll get the data you need — fast.

Online, phone, and face-to-face survey modes to help you engage with respondents

We offer multi-mode survey options that allow you to move seamlessly from all modes on one centralized platform.

Flexible & secure hosting options

We’ve got secure data hosting options to fit your needs, no matter what they are — SaaS mode or on premise for total data control and security.

One-click crosstabs for speedy data visualization

Run quick and effective cross tabulations with our one click drag & drop and build custom reports and dashboards for your stakeholders.

Premium Service & support have got your back

We have a full support & call center guidance team so you can streamline the implementation process and get support on any inquiries you may have.

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GDPR Compliant

Privacy Shield Certified

“Organizations need to ask; how do we ensure that people can interact with our product and brand through digital and in-person channels to fully engage them? And how do they maintain those precious relationships with retention strategies? Voxco has been instrumental in allowing us to deliver those insights to our clients”
Doug Church, Phase 5