Insurance Survey Software

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What is an Insurance Survey Software?

Insurance survey software facilitates the creation of internal (employee satisfaction) and external (customer feedback, post-claim surveys) insurance surveys. Understanding consumer and/or employee sentiment toward insurance can help organizations develop effective strategies to target their audience. Feedback from insurance surveys allows insurance recommendations to be made to consumers based on their needs. A smart survey solution is a tool that can help organizations achieve just that.

Why is it Important to Conduct Insurance Surveys?

An insurance survey software is an important tool that helps achieve a range of different objectives, such as:

Increased Insurance Sales

Insurance survey solutions can help improve the insurance application journey using information obtained through transactional surveys conducted at different customer touchpoints. This information will help determine key moments that define customer abandonment or conversion, clearly outlining the areas that need to be focused on.

Targeted Recommendations

Insurance surveys will provide you with information on your customers and their needs. This will allow you to show them recommendations that best fit their requirements, making them more likely to purchase the insurance.

Improved Online CX

Many touchpoints within the customer journey are increasingly taking place online. As digital channels are increasing in importance, it is integral to create a seamless online experience for users. This can be done by obtaining and analysing feedback at the different digital touchpoints to measure satisfaction and improve user experience.

Proactive Response to Customer Dissatisfaction

Insurance surveys allow you to identify customer pain points and address them proactively before they manifest into bigger issues that negatively affect your organization. Customers have many insurance providers to choose from, making the risk of them leaving you for a competitor significant. With the use of insurance survey solutions, this can be avoided.

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Questions for Insurance Surveys

Let’s take a look at some key questions that insurance surveys often include:

1. Do you have an Insurance Policy?

  • Yes
  • No

2. If not, why do you not have insurance?

  • I don’t believe in insurance
  • I cannot afford insurance
  • My employer does not pay for insurance
  • I am dissatisfied with my previous insurance provider
  • I am not eligible for employer-paid insurance 
  • Other (please specify)
    Type here…

3. Were you without health insurance at any point in the last 12 months?

  • Yes
  • No

4. Is your Insurance Public or Private?

  • Public
  • Private

5. What/who influenced you to get an Insurance Policy?

  • Friends, Family, and/or Colleagues
  • The Media
  • Insurance Agents
  • The Government
  • Other (please specify)
    Type here…

6. How many Insurance Policies do you currently have?

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • More than 3

7. What kind of Insurance Policies do you have? Please select all that apply.

  • Whole Life Policy
  • Endowment Policy
  • Money Back Policy
  • Savings Policy
  • Automobile Insurance
  • Property Insurance
  • Other (please specify all)
    Type here…

8. Who pays for your health insurance? Please select all that apply.

  • Government
  • Employer
  • Self-Funded
  • Other (please specify)
    Type here…

9. What is the average term of the policies you have?

  • Up to 5 years
  • Up to 20 years
  • I’m not sure

10. Have you received any benefits from the insurance policies you currently have?

  • Yes
  • No

11. How often do you pay your insurance premiums?

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Half-yearly
  • Yearly

12.  Are you aware of the insurance bonuses of your policies?

  • Yes
  • No

13. Have you ever surrendered an insurance policy?

  • Yes 
  • No

14.  If yes, why?
Type here…

FAQs on Insurance Survey Software

An insurance bonus is an additional sum that is added to the basic sum assured in a life insurance policy.

These are a few key benefits of conducting insurance surveys: 

  • Increased insurance sales
  • Proactive response to customer pain points
  • Improved digital CX

Why Choose Voxco?

The following are a few benefits of choosing Voxco as your insurance survey software:

Omnichannel Survey Solution

Voxco’s Omnichannel Survey Software enables you to connect with respondents across multiple channels, on the platforms that they prefer. This helps maximise your survey responses.

Suited for Internal and External Surveys

Regardless of whether you require internal (employee satisfaction) or external (customer feedback), Voxco has you covered.

One-click Crosstabs

Voxco enables you to run quick cross-tabulations with one-click drag and drop for speedy data visualization.

Premium Support

Voxco’s skilled and experienced call center guidance team always has your back, and can provide support on any inquiries you may have.