Work at the scale you require. With the efficiency you expect.

As organizations that conduct social sciences and public opinion surveys, you run some of the world’s most complex research programs. We help academic, social and public opinion researchers meet operational challenges, reduce daily concerns, and efficiently address the data collection requirements that are unique to your industry.

  • High security and privacy levels

    • Our technology enables you to comply with regulations that govern privacy and data protection, including HIPAA, FISMA, PIPEDA, CNIL.
    • Voxco solutions comply with international data hosting and access regulations that restrict US access to the personal data of non-US citizens.
    • You can deploy on-premise to control the complete hosting environment, benefiting from your existing infrastructure.
    • We also offer hosted services enabling you to reduce the cost of maintaining servers. Our hosting facility maintains SAS-70 attestation and is PCI DSS Level 1 certified.
    • Separation of data is possible through storage on different servers. You can easily comply when a client needs to house data on their own premise.
    • Our system includes strong security controls, such as sophisticated password management, granular access permission levels, and LDAP integration.
  • Complex study parameters

    • Our design tool can handle the simplest to the most complex survey logic. Questionnaire authoring can be done through an intuitive GUI interface or, when needed, via powerful scripting language.
    • Size is never a barrier. We have several clients with over a million records per project. Others are managing studies with thousands of quota cells, and up to 10,000 questionnaire variables.
    • Our phone system’s sophisticated calling rules enable you to easily adhere to AAPOR disposition codes.
    • Achieve complex sampling strategies via powerful calling rules and extensive sample management tools.
    • The different calling regulations for mixed cell phone/landline samples are automatically addressed by Voxco Dialer’s hybrid calling mode.
  • Multiple, powerful interviewing modes

    • Voxco offers true multi-mode market research tools that enable you to move seamlessly across CATI, Online, Mobile Offline, and IVR data collection channels.
    • Voxco CATI integrates with Voxco Dialer (offering 4 different dialing modes and Automatic Call Disposition), and with Voxco IVR (enabling inbound, outbound and call blending operations). Combined, these create an all-in-one phone survey system of unparalleled productivity.
    • A common platform gives you greater efficiency through centralized questionnaire authoring. A unified database allows for easier data handling and analysis.
  • Reliable expertise and support

    • We have over 25 years of survey software experience, and support several of the world’s largest social and public opinion organizations.
    • Since our clients include many universities and academic research centers, we understand the distinct requirements of academic research.
    • Voxco offers comprehensive start-up assistance. We have helped both small centers and 500 seat operations smoothly make the transition to our survey tools.
    • Regardless of your size, our call center consulting services can help you maximize your operational productivity.
    • We are a proud supporter of AASRO and member of AAPOR.

Voxco is a partner with the focus, support structure, and innovative ideas that deliver the flexible and scalable services we require to meet the evolving needs of our industry. Our relationship with Voxco and their survey software allows NORC to continue providing high-quality, cost-effective solutions.

Ronald J. Jurek CIO

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