Understand feelings and motivation. Then create great experiences.

Award-winning ad campaigns and out-performing marketing strategies have one thing in common: they are based on a deep understanding of what motivates the target audience. Consumers are driven by feelings and emotions. Decisions to purchase or engage are not always rational. To understand motivation, marketers need to understand the “why” as much as the “what”. That’s where Voxco can help. Our comprehensive survey tools enable you to efficiently use many different channels to gain insights into the drivers of behavior.

  • Many channels

    • Centralized platform. Maximize organizational efficiencies in your customer satisfaction programs by using a unified platform of survey tools.
    • Powerful online surveys. Create any type of web survey with Voxco online survey tools. Invite respondents through many means, and include visual and audio multimedia for campaign testing.
    • In-the-field feedback. Voxco Mobile Offline offers personal interviewing tools that let you gather face-to-face feedback from any respondent in any physical location.
    • Follow-up telephone studies. Only need an occasional phone study? We can connect you with our network of top research companies who use Voxco CATI software.
    • Hybrid surveys across channels. Combine multiple modes, like Voxco Online with Voxco Mobile Offline, to reach target audiences across channels.
  • Designed for your needs

    • Advanced survey design. Our design tools can handle anything from simple to extremely complex-logic survey programs across virtually any language.
    • Centralized data hub. Collect all your survey data in one place. Integrate data from other sources to create a complete understanding of your target audience.
    • Hosting choice. Depending on your project needs, you can deploy Voxco survey tools on-premise or use our hosted services to reduce your server maintenance costs.
    • Scalable. Our licensing structure enables you to start with what you need and easily scale up as business requirements evolve.
    • Professional services. Voxco professional services can extend your technical capabilities ranging from survey scripting, deployment, data hosting, hybrid support arrangement, or full survey project management.

Survey Tools for you

With Voxco you have a broad range of survey software. Our survey tools offer the power and reliability to maximize your response rates and productivity.

Want to know more?

Voxco survey software is used by 300+ organizations in various industries around the world. We can help YOUR organization solve its data collection needs.