Simplify. Many channels within a centralized survey platform.

Customer satisfaction survey programs are becoming increasingly complex. Customer feedback channels are proliferating as customers’ time is fragmented across many places and devices. To ensure you get the right customer feedback at the right time, your Voice of the Customer software needs to keep pace. Through Voxco’s integrated survey tools you can seamlessly deploy over various channels all housed in the same data collection platform.

  • One platform keeps it simple

    • Centralized platform. Maximize organizational efficiencies in your customer satisfaction programs by using a unified platform of survey tools.
    • Many feedback sources. Our integrated survey channels include online, mobile, face-to-face, phone interviews, and self-completion IVR.
    • Centralized data hub. A unified platform means centralized survey authoring and all data is stored in one database for more complete data analysis.
    • Integrate with employee studies. Employees are an important driver of customer loyalty. Integrate your employee engagement studies with your Voice of Customer programs.
    • Follow-up telephone studies. Only need an occasional phone study? We can connect you with a Voxco network of top research companies who use our CATI software.
    • Visual Dashboards. Our interactive reporting dashboards make it easy to efficiently share business insights based on hierarchical distribution rules.
  • Designed for your needs

    • Advanced survey design. Our design tool can handle anything from simple to extremely complex survey programs across virtually any language.
    • Hosting options. Deploy Voxco survey tools on-premise or use our hosted services to reduce your server maintenance costs.
    • Scalable. Our licensing structure enables you to start with what you need and easily scale up as business requirements evolve.
    • Professional services. Voxco professional services can extend your technical capabilities ranging from survey scripting, deployment, data hosting, hybrid support arrangement, or full survey project management.
    • Size is never a problem. Our professional survey software can handle over a million records per project and you can manage studies with thousands of quota cells and up to 10,000 questionnaire variables.

Want to know more?

Voxco survey software is used by 300+ organizations in various industries around the world. We can help YOUR organization solve its data collection needs.