Transform the experience of care with actionable insights!

Systematically measure & improve patient care experience with powerful survey tools, any where, any time.

Deliver data-driven patient-centric care

Understand patient needs, align caregivers & pinpoint care quality improvement opportunities

Turn every touch point into a positive patient experience

Understand every patient’s journey across different channels. Capture feedback to measure, discover & improve the key drivers of patient experience.

Foster a culture of patient-centric care

Enable caregivers to detect & resolve issues as they happen. Deliver on what matters to each patient – Timely appointments, easy access, smooth communication, and more.

Use insights to set best practices & processes

Target organizational improvements by allocating spend intelligently across your healthcare organization. Drive strategic direction by identifying priority areas.

Why Voxco is your best bet for listening to the Voice of the Patient

Voxco offers you an unparalleled multi-channel survey solution that can handle both mandatory HCAHPS & non-HCAHPS surveys.

Why do you need to do both?
There’s consensus that positive patient experiences improve organizational health – They help reduce patient churn, improve employee engagement & lead to higher referrals.

While organizations continue to employ mandated surveys such as HCAHPS for measuring patient experience, there is a growing realization that the HCAHPS needs to be modernized:

  • It captures only a fraction of the factors influencing patient experience
  • Results can take more than a month and there is no way for the care team to detect patient issues and intervene in real time
  • There is no digital mode available
  • Survey length induces fatigue, leading to falling response rates
  • It assumes patient literacy & competence in English language

Voxco helps you tide over these limitations.
Patient experience leaders at your organisation can now create engaging, multilingual non-HCAHPS web surveys with sophisticated logic to go beyond simplistic HCAHPS scores. Get real time responses, track additional patient metrics & use dashboard analytics to discover actionable insights. Seamlessly pair web surveys with in-hospital or in-moment face to face surveys using Voxco mobile offline.

As for HCAHPS, our best-in-class dialer remains the ideal way to reach your patients.

The Voxco Advantage

Comprehensive multi-channel solution to maximize your chances of reaching patients

One integrated platform for phone, web & face to face surveys. Outreach calls, welcome calls, patient satisfaction, and home health agency surveys are a breeze with our TCPA compliant Voxco dialer.

Dive Deeper into Data with dynamic dashboards & analytics

Drag & drop functionality to create custom cross tabs & measure statistical significance. Turn crosstabs into compelling Visual data stories in real time with one-click charts, images & videos.

Hosting and flexibility

Need a SaaS plan or on-premise deployment options for security or privacy reasons? We can do both! We offer truly competitive pricing and a very flexible licensing model.

Subject matter expertise from our team

We proudly service many clients within the patient care, medical, and healthcare industry. We have been providing top shelf survey software to clients for 40+ years.

Premium Service and Support, a call or click away

Exceptional support & call center guidance so that you can maximize your efficiency. We provide launch and transition assistance.

Secure & Confidential

Enabling you to be HIPAA Compliant – We’ve put administrative, physical & technical safeguards in place to keep patient health information (PHI) confidential & secure.

“For us, it was critical to work with a supplier who could offer us an integrated phone, dialer, and IVR system that gave us the flexibility to create very complex and targeted outreach programs, in multiple languages.

After a trial, we chose Voxco and have truly found an incredible partner, in both technology and services, to help us drive the growth in our healthcare services.”

Denise Hindle, CEO at DG Solutions

Are you using the best survey software for your patient insight needs?