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Why choose Voxco to run surveys with your target demographic?

In order to make the right decisions in today’s complex world, you need to properly understand the constituents and the communities you serve. Surveys can help government agencies, municipalities and political entities quickly gather the input they need to build that understanding.

Voxco offers powerful survey tools that are secure and flexible to meet many different needs.

Tools for diverse needs of any department

Voxco’s integrated platform includes online, offline, mobile, and phone (Dialer and IVR optional) survey capabilities. This lets you reach your target audience where they are.

Online surveys to easily gather information

Voxco Online is a flexible web survey tool that is feature rich.  It includes all the standard you expect, plus many additional features and design options to you can tailor surveys to your exact needs. 

Offline surveys when there is no network connection

When you need to collect data in areas with poor or no network connection, you can rely on Voxco Mobile Offline. Ideal for surveys with tourists, remote or transient populations, facilities visitors, parks and recreation surveys.

Plenty of power for Census and large studies

Voxco’s platform is extremely robust and feature rich.  It can handle large data sets, complex questionnaire structures, sophisticated validation, advanced logic and more.  Allowing you to efficiently manage projects of any size.

High Security and Privacy

Our system includes strong security controls, password management, and granular access permissions. It enables you to comply with regulations that govern privacy and data protection such as GDPR, HIPAA, FISMA, PIPEDA, CNIL.  

Save time on analysis and report sharing

Intuitive drag & drop function to create data tables. Then, one-click to instantly turn them into charts.  Share results via our secure Key Findings Portal.  We offer automatic stats testing and the power to run advanced analytics.

Client success stories

REACH (U. of Neb.-Lincoln)

Field interviewers establish secure connections in rural Puerto Rico with Voxco personal interviewing tools.

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Optimizing listener data collection via centralized, automated phone interviewing.

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With Voxco, not only did we get a great survey technology partner, we gained the freedom to expand. Voxco Multi-Mode allows us to scale up easily, or branch out into other data collection modes. Beyond the technology, we also are reassured by Voxco’s extensive experience in social sciences and public opinion research.

Thomas Wilkinson
Vice President of Survey Research

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