Health Outcome Survey Or HOS Survey Template

Understand the patient’s perception of their healthcare services by the medicare healthcare provider.

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Health Outcome Survey Or HOS Survey Template

What is the Health Outcomes survey (HOS survey?) 

The HOS survey is a mandated healthcare survey which is administered annually to keep a track of services provided to the Medicare beneficiaries. Survey results impact Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Star Ratings. Each Star HOS measure addresses a different aspect of patient care and patient-provider interaction

How can Voxco help you in administering HOS surveys?

Voxco survey platform can be used by healthcare providers to conduct HOS surveys to understand patients pain points and deliver personalized patient healthcare. 


Download our HOS Survey template

Omnichannel Surveys : Reach where your patients are 

Collect patient feedback through web, email, phone or text.Improve survey response rates by being available across devices. 

Anticipate Patient Needs in Real time 

Predict patient needs by using trend analysis on historic patient feedback and exceed patient expectations in real time. 

Powerful Analytics Suite 

Keep track of all patient engagements across multiple touchpoints to improve patient experience.