Healthcare Call Center Solutions

The world of healthcare has changed, with technology transforming healthcare delivery and the traditional patient experience (PX). Healthcare Call Center Solutions can be a key touchpoint in a patient or members’ journey with a healthcare organization, and be a driver for patient satisfaction.

What is healthcare call center?

Healthcare Call Centers or BPO’s (Business process outsourcing) essentially take care of certain tasks to support medical staff and healthcare organizations. Typically a healthcare call center handles activities like billing, transcriptions, customer support, and even sales. 

Despite their primary area of concern being people, healthcare organizations like hospitals, health plan providers and pharmaceutical companies have not been able to provide a personalized healthcare experience and thus are not considered customer-centric enough. Healthcare call centers can help change that.

What is a healthcare call center

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How does a healthcare call center differ from traditional call centers?

Healthcare call centers have distinct objectives and KPIs. Patients are likely to view your call center as part of their patient or member journey with your organization, which is why the engagement standards for healthcare contact centers is much higher. 

Delivering a personalized healthcare  experience to the patients,  which is compassionate and effective is of the highest priority for these institutions. Agents working for healthcare call centers will need to be trained to deal with life-or-death situations, and the right information on their dashboards can be critical.

How does a healthcare call center differ from traditional call centers

Benefits of implementing healthcare call center solutions

Benefits of implementing healthcare call center solutions

Reimagine your patient experience with healthcare call center solutions

Ensure compliance and patient data privacy
Build member relationships that last
Personalized interactions

What can a healthcare call center take care of for you?

Processing claims

Claim processing is critical for healthplan providers, and a poor experience at this touchpoint is a huge factor in customer churn. Voxco’s Healthcare call center software can help manage a large number of callers via our IVR and CATI Software, minimizing the chance of a customer having a negative experience.


Healthcare organizations need to process vast amounts of medical records daily. Medical coding and billing is a complicated affair, with out of pocket costs being different for every patient and procedure. Voxco’s analytics and dashboard software can provide healthcare call center teams with the right details at the right time to ensure productivity remains high when dealing with medical codes and billing.

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Why Voxco for healthcare call center software?

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