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Fun survey questions are an effective approach for getting information about a variety of topics, which researchers may use for various objectives. Experienced survey designers utilize several forms of questionnaires for market research, employee satisfaction, political polling, and even gathering information about daily living.

The truth is that only one form of survey is truly enjoyable to participants—the fun survey!

Continue reading to learn how to conduct research with engaging survey questions.

What is the significance of fun survey questions?

A survey is a great way to learn about people’s beliefs, feelings, and actions. However, getting useful insights from research necessitates a sufficient sample size. You can’t rely on dull and long surveys to gather high response rates. 

Fun surveys, on the other hand, can engage more audiences and also give you valuable insights. 

It is critical to include fascinating themes and engaging questions in a questionnaire to balance out the serious ones. Entertaining questions may also serve as an icebreaker, making your survey more entertaining for responders right away.

Responding to amusing questions makes participants more relaxed, which allows them to share their thoughts and personal preferences more openly.

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Tips to create fun surveys

So, how can you create an engaging survey, especially if the subject matter is quite dry? Surveys may be used in a variety of ways to engage people. Even if you don’t have any “interesting questions” to ask, there are a variety of methods to build a survey that will elicit replies. Here are our top 5 suggestions for creating an interesting online survey.

1. Make use of visual appeal

According to studies, humans are 90% visual beings who digest pictures 60,000 times faster than words. As a result, while you want respondents to read your questions, they will be more inclined to do so if your survey is visually appealing.

This can include utilizing a template with an appealing or entertaining backdrop, incorporating graphics that correspond to the questions, or selecting a nice-looking typeface. 

2. Be amusing

This may appear to be a no-brainer: make a survey more enjoyable by being humorous. Of course, certain professional polls and surveys on certain themes should not be amusing. 

However, if your survey’s context allows for it, utilize comedy to produce intriguing survey questions. This might include phrasing your questions in a hilarious manner, developing amusing survey questions, incorporating funny GIFs, and other techniques.

3. Engage in conversation

While customization isn’t always “fun,” it may surely improve the survey-taking experience. So, if you know who your target audience is, tailor your messaging to them. It also helps to be genuine, establishing a respectful, loyal relationship with responses (particularly if they are currently consumers). 

So, although your survey can be fun, colorful, and entertaining, it should also include a “ask” at the beginning in which you truly urge respondents to take the time to complete the survey and tell them how much it will assist you if they do (and, if applicable, how it may benefit them).

4. Use several channels

The bulk of online surveys are delivered to respondents via email. But what if they ignore it or don’t like email? Make your survey more enjoyable and accessible by making it available through several channels. 

If potential respondents “run into you” all over the internet, that might significantly spike their interest. Consider putting your poll on relevant marketing pages, disseminating it through social media platforms, or sending it via SMS messaging. The second or third time someone sees it, they will be intrigued to take the time to respond. 

5. Offer to Share

People prefer to share their findings with others as well as view the outcomes of other responders. So, unless you’re targeting a very narrow demographic and don’t want random replies from unvetted people, you should allow survey respondents to publish the findings of their poll on social media (or just a link to your survey). Bonus: This can get you even more responses at no expense!

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Workplace fun survey questions-examples

Employees frequently do not feel comfortable enough in face-to-face circumstances to openly offer their honest opinions on current workplace concerns. Furthermore, the fear of sanctions frequently leads to low interest in meetings or traditional team-building exercises.

A more relaxed approach relieves stress on staff. Survey questions regarding the workplace do not have to be awkward and stressful, as employees have come to anticipate.

Assume you perform an employee engagement survey “outside the box.” In such a situation, you can quickly change the negative perceptions that employees have about surveys and convert them into an exciting team-building exercise

Fun Survey Questions visual analog scale

A fun survey for employee engagement provides you with crucial information about how your employees or coworkers truly feel in the office or about their work. Knowing what will make your staff happy or more successful helps you to boost team productivity and efficiency while increasing the profitability of your organization. Also, who doesn’t enjoy a little frivolity?

Here are some entertaining employee engagement questions for work that you may add to your next employee engagement quiz.

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A fun online survey may help you create a survey that generates results. While not all surveys should strive for hilarity, especially if they are about important matters, fun questions, design, and other factors can assist if the topic is appropriate. Are you ready to build your next fun survey? 

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