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Cost-effective IVR surveys & messaging

Voxco IVR is a state-of-the-art Interactive Voice Response survey system. It gives you an easy and cost effective way to deliver self-completion surveys and automated messages to a broad audience.

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In survey mode, respondents answer questionnaires any time they like through simple touch tone interaction on their phone.

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In messaging mode, the Voxco IVR system broadcasts messages for customer satisfaction programs.

Manage high volume CATI research with advanced supervisor, interviewer and dialer features. Explore what Voxco CATI can do for you.

Supercharge your phone surveys with Voxco. Boost productivity by 400% or more with integrated telephony software.

Improve survey response rates with multiple Self-completion survey modes:

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Inbound mode IVR

Manage incoming respondents call. Collect answers using keypad. Ideal for customer & patient satisfaction programs based a permanent phone number.

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Outbound mode IVR

Collect customer feedback at scale with self complete pre recorded IVR surveys. Ideal for measuring customer satisfaction across multiple touch points.

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Mixed mode IVR

Conduct self-administered IVR surveys while managing incoming CATI calls with call hold, intelligent routing or self serving options.

Boost Productivity. Set up IVR system instantly! Access the most user friendly IVR System used by 450+ brands around the world.

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IVR Survey, also known as Interactive Voice Response Survey is a customer feedback method used by companies that have a customer support centre. To know that the service delivered to customers can achieve customer satisfaction, companies carry out IVR surveys using IVR software. As listening and responding to customers is crucial for any company to thrive, they carry out such satisfaction surveys using interactive voice response software. IVR surveys are Popular method to carry out CSAT surveys.

What Is IVR Software?

IVR platformuses pre-recorded pre-recorded phone calls where customers can interact with an automated voice. This voice will give the customers pre-defined options to choose from and customers can make use of numbers to make their choices. Interactive Voice Response software can take responses via touchpads or even voice recognition technologies.

Interactive Voice Response software can be used in banking payments, mobile purchases, services, weather updates, etc.  As these are pre-recorded responses, IVR survey software cuts the time required for customers to solve their queries as they don’t have to talk directly to an agent. 

Functionalities of Interactive Voice Response Survey Software:

  • Personalize your IVR message – IVR platform lets you customize your message according to need
  • Use pre-recorded IVR survey message –you can pre-record messages so that actual interaction time is less
  • Collect information of callers who interact with your IVR survey software 
  • Automate customer support –IVR survey technology makes it easy to interact with customers
  • Value-based call prioritization –IVR survey software forwards the calls based on their values
  • Connecting calls to right agents –IVR software forwards the calls to the right agents
  • High call volumes –IVR promotes a high quantity of calls solving more customer issues
  • Enhance company image –this in return adds value to the company image2

Interactive voice response software allows companies to connect to their customers through automated pre-defined messages to which they respond. Let’s look at some benefits of IVR survey software:

As we know Interactive Voice Response survey plays a vital role in understanding to what extent your services are being useful for the customers. Let us take a look at some common questions asked during the survey:

Every business depends on customer satisfaction and what’s the best way than taking their feedback to improve your IVR customer satisfaction survey. Well, the more responses the better. Here are some best practices to attract more responses to your IVR survey:

An automated phone survey for small businesses can be the most effective and intelligent way of generating customer feedback. 

Let’s see how an automated phone survey for small businesses can be a competitive advantage: 

  • The IVR surveys are conducted using an automated phone system which is less expensive than hiring and training people for conducting surveys. 

  • Automated voice surveys can also be performed frequently, helping small businesses stay updated with customer insights. 

  • Automated phone surveys are conducted with an online IVR; this means a large population can be surveyed in a small amount of time. 

  • Automated voice surveys use the smart solutions IVR, which means the survey questions can be set in random order. The IVR software will ask respondents questions in unbiased order. 

What are automated phone surveys?

Automated phone surveys are a method of collecting data using phones. The automated survey system calls a list of preset numbers ( respondents) and gathers information and feedback from them. 

Automated phone surveys apply the technology of interactive voice response software. 

How does an automated phone system work?

An automated phone system or IVR software automates a phone call between machine and human. 

Integrate the automated phone system with your CRM to use your telephones for surveys and gather valuable data for later analysis. 

What are the different types of IVR software?

There are primarily two types of IVR platforms – Inbound and Outbound. The third type is a mixed-mode that combines both to conduct inbound and outbound phone surveys. 

Inbound IVR enables you to handle calls you receive from your customers/clients. 

Outbound IVR helps you conduct outbound phone surveys to your customers. The calls are automatically made from the IVR platform based on pre-defined rules. 

Why do businesses need smart solutions IVR?

Companies often use IVR to conduct market research. Interactive voice response software uses pre-recorded messages to deliver information to callers and uses touch-tone keypads to gather their responses. Modern, smart solutions IVR also enable both inbound and outbound phone surveys. 

Businesses are looking for an IVR platform that helps them manage inbound & outbound calls while reducing costs. 

First call resolution: A smart solutions IVR allows you to design a flow to minimize customer wait time & expedite resolution. 

24 X 7 service: Play pre-recorded messages when human agents are unavailable or off-days. 

High-call volume: Smart solutions IVR enable an automated workflow to streamline the calls for seamless customer support. 

How can you use IVR software for your needs? 

If you are new to the idea of IVR, then you may not understand how you can utilize automated phone systems to their full potential. We have listed how various industries use IVR software to improve efficiency and conduct research of different sorts. 

IVR Market Research:  Automated phone surveys can help you learn about your customers’ attitude & perception towards your industry, offerings, services, and more. 

With IVR market research, you know more about your current and potential customers while uncovering opportunities to grow the business. 

IVR Call Centers: Inbound IVR can automatically answer incoming calls, route callers to the menu, and offer basic information like account balance. 

Inbound IVR can cut down the cost of hiring live agents and offer support 24 X7. 

IVR Polling: IVR polling makes calls automatically & plays a recorded questionnaire inviting the respondents to share their feedback using the keypad. 

As thousands of calls can be made simultaneously, IVR polling can collect data from a large sample in a matter of hours. IVR polling is also more cost-effective than traditional telephone surveys.