Voxco partners with Rybbon to automate rewards for its Omnichannel Surveys!

Voxco announced its latest partnership with Rybbon which enables respondents to choose and receive a reward moments after completing a survey. Rybbon’s curated reward offerings will help researchers (survey creators) minimize drop-off rates and encourage better response rates.

Rybbon’s reward services can be integrated with any survey technique available on Voxco’s omni channel survey platform including CATI, face to face as well as online/web surveys.

Automated rewards for higher response rates

Voxco’s partnership with Rybbon will enable users of any of it’s omni-channel offerings to easily integrate and automate an exciting rewards system within their surveys. These rewards can be customized and offered in a manner that suits your requirements.
Incentivizing respondents can go a long way in ensuring higher completion rates as well as lowering drop off rates for your surveys. Rewards will only be delivered to respondents who have successfully completed the survey according to your pre-defined parameters.

Clients from any vertical will be able to use Rybbon for quick, secure, and seamless incentive disbursement.

Customer Experience Researchers: Get better insights into customer experience by improving respondent participation without wasting resources on unclaimed rewards with Rybbon.

Market Researchers: Easily manage multiple clients within one simple tool 

Academia: Rybbon is the only tool that complies with IRB requirements for reward delivery with response anonymity.

Campaign management to customize your rewards as you see fit

Rybbon’s smooth integration with our platform ensures that adding incentives to your surveys is intuitive as well as secure – data security meets stringent parameters, irrespective of whether you have opted for on-premise or cloud based hosting.

Respondents are presented with a range of rewards upon completion of their survey, and rewards are delivered directly to the respondents’ registered email address. What’s more – unclaimed rewards are refunded automatically!

Set up your account now and start incentivising your respondents within minutes!


2018 Year in Review at Voxco

At Voxco, we are always working to improve the products and services we offer our clients. As such, we do not often have time to sit back and think about all that we have accomplished throughout the year.

What better time to reflect on our achievements of 2018 than now, as we usher in the new year? We sat down with our teammates from Sales and Product to chat about key highlights, and our hopes for 2019!

GDPR and PII Features

An important, and sometimes angst-ridden, narrative which surrounded the survey industry in 2018 was the enactment of GDPR and privacy regulations. While it did place extra responsibility on survey organizations, at Voxco, we applaud the goal of protecting respondent privacy.

It’s an important component in ensuring respondents feel comfortable sharing their information in legitimate survey research. As such, we worked diligently to ensure our own processes and software are GDPR compliant and we are happy to say that our services are compliant with regulations!

We also went one step further and developed new software features to better manage personally identifiable information (PII).

What is personally identifiable information (PII)?

Personally identifiable information (PII) refers to any data that can possibly identify an individual. Any information that could potentially be used to distinguish a person and can be de-anonymized is also PII.

Now, our clients can easily manage such data to adhere to privacy requirement, including:

  • PII Flagging that makes it possible to flag any data as being personal data,
  • PII Access Restriction enables our clients to manage their employee’s access to personal data;
  • PII Anonymization enables clients to anonymize the personal data that they no longer need, thereby the data is no longer considered personal data;
  • PII Access Logging creates a log entry each time a user access a page that contains PII, helping clients understand if a user attempted to perform an unauthorized action outside their scope.

Customer and Market Centric Updates

In addition to launching the new privacy features, this past year we also released a major upgrade to our survey platform. It included a refreshed UI and UX-focused interface, with closer platform integration between our different survey modes, and a host of new productivity features.

We regularly update our software based on customer feedback and shifts in the market. We believe that the best new features are the ones that help our clients do their jobs better and faster.

We have whole slew of new features in the pipe for 2019 – including the release of a new SaaS Dialer. Stay tuned!

Launch of Voxco Analytics

On top of working on our own roadmap, we are also always on the lookout for new partners who can help us offer complimentary products and services. This year we are pleased to have partnered with Market Sight, an industry leader in the data analytics space, to launch Voxco Analytics.  This newest Voxco product is a robust, easy to use data analysis and visualization system that integrates with our survey modes. It has never been easier to share response data in a convenient, user-friendly way.

Team Building

And finally, for any team that works as hard as we do, it’s important to blow off steam and try new activities together! We tried some new things; including axe throwing, a local rapids ride, and escape rooms. We are definitely going to continue this tradition in the new year!

Thank You to our Incredible Clients

This has been an amazing year, and we cannot thank our clients enough. It has been another record-breaking year for new clients, from different organizations across many industries. In addition to our new clients, we thank our existing client base for their continued support.

In the new year, we will be continuing to focus on rolling out software updates that are inline with customer and market demand, treating data of all kinds with respect, and growing as a team!


Still struggling to get your survey process GDPR compliant?

Those dreaded letters, G.D.P.R! The new European data protection regulation introduced fear in the marketplace with its menacing fines and broad reach.

Organizations have scrambled to figure out how to comply. And what does compliance even mean on a day-to-day level?

While GDPR has been in effect for a few months now, many survey organizations are still coming to terms with compliance.  For some this has meant a total re-design of their data collection and storing process. For others is has been a more passive, wait-and-see approach.  Where is your organization on this spectrum?

In assessing compliance requirements, it is important to bear in mind that, at its core, the GDPR is about protecting the privacy and security of personal data (also referred to as personally identifiable information, or PII).  Personal data is data that can be used to directly or indirectly identify a survey respondent.  The good news is that if this type of data is handled properly, much of the GDPR compliance falls into place.  Nonetheless, compliance with GDPR can seem daunting when one is collecting personal data on a daily basis across hundreds of surveys.

So let’s look at compliance and handling personal data. As a first step towards compliance, follow industry best practices. Our industry associations have always advocated that researchers treat respondent data with care, safeguard such data and ensure they have consent from survey participants.

Second, ensure that the way your organization manages personal data in particular is consistent with the principles of GDPR. Ask yourself the following: In any given survey, do you know which of the data you are collecting is defined as ‘personal’ under GDPR? Where is being stored? Would you be able to retrieve it quickly if a respondent asked for it? Do all of your employees really need access to personal data? Are you unnecessarily exposing personal data? What are you doing with personal data once you no longer need it for analysis?…and so on!

By now, you should have a firm grasp on the answers to these questions.  This makes sense not just for compliance but it also makes good business sense.  Did you know that once you properly anonymise personal data the GDPR requirements no longer apply?  Thereby reducing both the compliance and financial burden of holding such data.

Be bold about GDPR. Take it as an opportunity to introduce best practices that govern the way your organisation protects the privacy of respondents. Use survey systems and tools that let your team manage personal data in a way that makes it easy to comply with GDPR.

Stay tuned for our next blog post on survey features for GDPR.


Product Planning Successes with our Client Feedback Team

Last month we drew back the curtain to look at the processes we follow to get client feedback. But we also wanted to share examples of the product features and developments that were guided thanks in part to direct feedback from our software users. So let’s do exactly that – below are some live product features that are in active development as a result of feedback from our clients.

Later this summer we’ll be launching version 6.0 of our overall Voxco Survey Platform. It will include a ton of new features for Voxco Online and an even tighter integration of our multimode survey channels. And many of those new features were initially spawned or fine-tuned via in-depth conversations with our client advisory committee. For example:

Side-by-side layout of look and feel editor

One of the anticipated new features landing in 6.0 is the addition of a side-by-side look-and-feel editor. The Theme Customization Parameters and Survey Preview panes will now be positioned next to each other, with sliding pane sizes. This improved use of screen space gives better simultaneous visibility during look & feel editing of your surveys.

Though the feature was kick-started internally by our R&D team, we used the advisory committee to validate our mock-ups and help us ensure the final product is as intuitive as possible. We’re excited to get this new layout launched and into the hands of the rest of our clients this summer. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come:

Apply display logic to a choice

Once we began speaking with our users, we started hearing many of the same pieces of feedback repeatedly. One of those frequent requests was two-fold:

  1. Provide the ability to apply show/hide logic to individual choices.
  2. Add a visual indicator of display logic on affected choices for users to see while editing questionnaires.

This simple suggestion quickly turned into one of our favorite parts of the upcoming 6.0 update. It should simultaneously make the survey experience more relevant for respondents while also improving the questionnaire-editing experience for our advanced users.

Additional feature suggestions

An advisory committee member suggested that we rework respondent case filters to make them easier to use. With that member’s input, we have added new case filter options (e.g. unsubscribe filters) via a tab navigation and ensure that all options for case filters are clearly displayed in one place.

Another advisory committee member collaborated with the Product team to help define an easier way to set up redirect URLs for third-party sample respondents, based on how they terminate the survey (completed, out-of-quota, screen-outs). In the past, this was done each time at the survey level, but they suggested adding the ability to create and customize profiles for each sample provider, and define default redirects for each. We liked the idea so much, we didn’t sit on it: it was included in an update that landed this week!

Future update: enhanced reporting features

We’re in the midst of planning a major future release for reporting enhancements. It’s an in-demand update that is high on our list of priorities, so the product team is actively working to determine which new features will be included once it lands. We sent out an all-user survey two months ago, and we have finished evaluating the results to help us prioritize the possible new features.

Storming ahead with help from you!

We’re regularly improving and evolving our survey tools. Join the conversation and help us define the future of the industry’s most flexible survey tools! We encourage all of our clients to answer the surveys when they come your way – results are read and analyzed by every key member of our product team and it’s one of the best ways to ensure that your voice is heard.

If you missed the survey, and have an awesome idea for a new feature that could benefit your survey team and other users, get in touch with our support team – we have a process in place to ensure that all feedback is taken into consideration and evaluated by the product team for potential inclusion in future releases.

Onwards and upwards! All with a little help from you, our loyal clients!


New feature: Enhanced survey termination options

We have spent the last couple of months ensuring that all of our clients on SaaS servers worldwide are up-to-date with our 5.6 update, which came with a ton of navigation changes and new features. But this week an all-new feature set is dropping for all users of our Voxco Online platform. It will give users a few new options for guiding respondents down different paths based on how they leave a survey.

For starters, we’ve renamed the ‘Messages’ page to ‘Survey Termination’ to better reflect the additional functions that now live on that page. Within that page there are a number of new options for defining actions that are prompted when respondents leave a survey. You can customize default messages and URL redirects based on whether a respondent completed the survey, was screened out, or abandoned the survey:

As seen on the bottom right of the screengrab above, for respondents who are coming from a third party sample provider, you can now choose to redirect these respondents back to that sample provider automatically. You can define different redirect URLs for each sample provider profile for completions, out-of-quota, and screen-outs. This is done once and those default redirect actions will be reflected across all of your surveys.

Once you have defined redirects for a specific sample provider, simply choosing ‘yes’ for the ‘Sample Provider Redirection’ option on an individual survey will apply those pre-defined redirect rules for sample provider respondents.

A more detailed breakdown of this new Voxco Online feature set is laid out in the release notes. They were distributed to support users via email this week, and can be accessed by all users on the login page for the Acuity platform. If you have any questions about these new features, let our support team know and they would be happy to show you how to take advantage of them!


Behind-the-Scenes with our Client Feedback Team

We have been making some of the industry’s most flexible survey tools for over 25 years. We’re always evolving our powerful multichannel platform, which includes launching new products, major releases, and regular maintenance and feature updates. Through it all, we’ve definitely become experts in the craft of survey software.

But savvy product managers know that there’s a gap between the knowledge that comes from creating and refining a product as a developer, and as an end user who is actively using it daily. To close that gap, our Voxco Online product team has long been tapping into the user perspective – what features do they need the most, how do they spend their time on the platform, what would they do differently?

Informally reaching out to users for feedback had always been happening, but just last year, our product team formalized a client outreach program that maximizes the impact of the feedback on the final product. The outreach has been invaluable; not just for our team, but for clients who could help shape the product’s development.

Now that it’s a formal part of our process, here’s a behind-the-scenes look at our client outreach programs – how they work, and how much of an impact they have had on the online survey tools. Let’s take a peek under the hood:

User Surveys

We make survey software, so it was a natural jump to use the platform to ask our own clients for feedback. To gain quantitative data about in-demand features, the surveys asked multiple choice and ranking questions that aimed to prioritize the relative importance of new features. At the end of each survey, qualitative data was collected via a series of open-ended questions that asked users to precisely describe what key features would maximize their organization’s use of the tool, and how existing functionalities could be further enhanced.

Advisory Committee

Post-survey, we wanted to continue the qualitative conversations, and dig deeper with active users on how they could maximize their productivity on the platform. So we assembled a team of 15 of our most active clients, representing varying industries, organization sizes and survey types. In the pursuit of more qualitative insights about specific upcoming features, we formalized this group into a client advisory committee.

When we are in the early planning stages of a major new release, we can now approach a team of active users as a sounding board. The conversation starts as an overview call to get their input on how they use a specific feature set. We then use this rich feedback to further define product requirements and create interactive mock-ups of the new feature set. We hop on a second call to present the mock-ups to their teams, and fine-tune the details over time.

Data galore!

It was nice to see complimentary patterns from our varied client types that helped validate our internal team’s existing direction. The client survey offered instant clarity on which new features were must-haves, which helped the product team to immediately start prioritizing the next few releases.

We were amazed by the long, detailed answers given to the open-ended questions. It was clear that clients were very open to the communication channel and were excited to have their voice heard. The responses helped stimulate new ideas for future features and started many active discussions among the development team.

We have witnessed very high involvement levels from all members of the advisory committee, and the resulting conversations feel very collaborative. The members often choose to gather project-specific suggestions from their larger team, and even share the feature mock-ups with them for more robust user feedback. It’s quite clear that the advisory committee enjoys being consulted and collaborating on feature development.

Overall, the entire process has helped us define a very solid road map for the next year worth of updates, and with the help of many of our users, we have populated our first 2 major releases with many of their most commonly requested features.

Coming soon: results

The earliest major release that was directly impacted by the new client feedback is coming out in just a couple of months! And the client feedback team has already moved on to collecting data on a future release that will enhance our reporting tool. Next month, we’ll share with you some of the results of the first few client outreach initiatives right here on the blog.

If you’re a user of the industry’s most flexible survey platform, keep an eye out for our surveys to join in the conversation – you could help us define the future of Voxco Online. Stay tuned!


January Feature Updates

It’s still early in the year, but we are already making major updates to the industry’s most flexible survey software.

The beta release of Voxco Mobile Offline and its integration into the existing Voxco Online platform has triggered a round of updates packaged together as Voxco Online 5.6. This new version will further improve the intuitiveness of the navigation layout, and add a few new navigation elements that will improve user productivity. We’re communicating these changes directly with clients for now. We’ll update the blog on Voxco Online 5.6 and Voxco Mobile Offline availability very soon.

Along with the navigation improvements, we are also packaging a handful of additional features based on feedback from clients and our own internal team of survey experts. Here’s a list of the new minor features hitting with the release of Voxco Online 5.6:

Detailed notifications & execution history on tasks/distributions

When importing samples or exporting results, users can now receive a comprehensive summary of which tasks and distributions were executed. Select the ‘send notification’ option for tasks that you want to have tracked in these reports.

  • Distribution summaries: Task name, survey name, description, content, schedule, and numbers of sends and failures.
  • Export summaries: Task and file name, file size, survey name, description details, schedule, filter details, and numbers of successful imports or failures.
Adding RGBA transparency for color picker

The color pickers within the questionnaire editor and Look & Feel editor now support RGBA transparency, so that survey creators can set transparencies for selected colors within their survey designs.

Show only pending/running distributions

We have added quick filters so that you can easily see which distributions are currently being executed and which ones are still pending. This will be a benefit for surveys that have a lot of distributions.

Updated survey engine default doctype to HTML

The default doctype for the survey engine has been changed from XHTML to the more standard HTML. This doctype offers better compliance with accessibility guidelines (e.g. WCAG).

Results encryption using PGP on export tasks

When you’re exporting survey results, you can now apply PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) encryption. Users who employ PGP encryption software can now use this method when sending results via email or uploading to an FTP. Select the ‘Encrypt files with PGP’ option (highlighted below).

Remove curly brackets and spaces from response exports

For all formats (except Open-End), survey responses are now exportable without spaces and braces – { } – for all system variables. Select the ‘Remove Curly Brackets and Spaces Of System Variables’ option:

If you have any questions about any of these, or how they work, let us know! We are rolling these updates out along with Voxco Online 5.6, and communicating details to clients directly. Plenty more information still to come on Voxco Online 5.6 – stay tuned!


December Feature Updates

At the end of another calendar year, we’re continuing to crank out new features for Voxco Online. Think of it as a holiday gift for our clients – we’re answering their wishes for new features that boost their productivity. We couldn’t have planned it better. 😉

Here are December’s new features, which mostly aim to better support SSS XML v1.2 with triple-s exports. Get in touch with us if you’d like help with executing any of them:

  • Added ‘Dichotomize multiple’ options for TXT exports. Previously, the ‘dichotomize multiple’ option was only available for CSV, Excel and SPSS formats. Starting this month, you will have the option to also export as TXT files (not available for SAS, SCT, SPS, or QAX formats).
  • Export all columns. If your data has multi-response questions (e.g. checkbox questions) and numeric codes, you will now be able to to select ‘dichotomized multiple’ and a .SSS format to create a data file with dichotomized numeric codes.
  • Exporting loops in questionnaire order. Traditionally, the default order for exporting looped question lists followed a response-focused order (e.g. Q1_R1, Q1_R2, Q1_R3, Q2_R1, Q2_R2, Q2_R3, Q3_R1, etc.). Now you can export looped question lists in a question-focused order (e.g. Q1_R1, Q2_R1, Q3_R1, Q1_R2, Q2_R2, etc.). This will include the option to export in TXT (SSS, Triple-S XML), Excel and CSV formats.
  • Added filter option to exclude surveys where panelists are inactive. We’ve added a filtering property to the Web API for Panel Manager that allows the ability to exclude surveys for which the panelist respondent is inactive. Enabling this will only return results where the respondent status is active.
  • Delete results via API after exporting. If you integrate with our system through an API, you can now delete a survey export task from a third party system. This prevents export task lists from growing indefinitely on the third party system.
Updates rolling out now!

Our SaaS servers are getting this update as early as this week. If you’re a client who hosts Voxco Online on your own premises, get in touch with us to schedule an update that will include these new exporting options.


C2 Montreal will use Voxco MultiMode to measure 2016 event success

This year one of the world’s premiere business events celebrates its fifth year, and we’re super-excited to play a pretty important role. C2 Montreal combines Commerce and Creativity by bringing together over 5000 international creative minds to explore trends, opportunities and disruptions on the horizon.

The event includes big name talks, innovative brainstorming workshops, and a massive outdoor village with daily entertainment. It has been called “a conference unlike any other” by the Harvard Business Review.

For a modern event that celebrates what’s trending in creativity and commerce, it’s essential that the organizers keep a finger on the attendee pulse during the show. They then also need to use post-event attendee feedback to ensure that their show is constantly evolving and will keep attendees coming back year after year. And that’s where Voxco is lending a hand.

We’ve joined forces with C2 to help them with their multifaceted attendee feedback needs. We’re thrilled that they have adopted Voxco MultiMode and will be putting it to the task for this year’s event. Their program will include:

  • On-location mobile surveys: To measure the pulse of the event while attendees are in the moment, volunteers with tablets will conduct surveys both inside the event and outside at the village. These mobile surveys will offer event organizers a live snapshot of attendee satisfaction levels and a notification system will alert organizers of time-sensitive feedback so that they can instantly take action on the results.
  • Post-event online surveys: Using Voxco Online, event organizers will invite attendees shortly after the event closes to answer a self-completion survey. It will measure their satisfaction and recall of numerous event activities, and identify how many business connections they made. All the feedback will then be analyzed and will help fine-tune the show in upcoming years.
  • Professional Services: The Voxco Professional Services team will handle all survey programming and design work for the project, to allow the organizers more time for analyzing and reacting to the results.

Voxco MultiMode will be a major upgrade over the overly simple DIY solution that the C2 team used in the past. The ability to design more engaging surveys, interview attendees live on the floor, and the expert programming and design services are all a huge advantage for the event organizers.

Get in touch with the Voxco team today if your event would benefit from a more flexible attendee feedback solution!