Create powerful ads that convert & deliver great ROI instantly with Voxco’s Ad Testing Tool

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Validate advertisements with a survey panel of your choice to gather a clear understanding of customer perception using Voxco’s Ad testing survey software. 

  • Maximize Ad ROI 
  • Predict Customer Intent 
  • Understand brand perception 
  • Test Video, Print or Text Ads

Conduct large scale Ad Testing Surveys Effortlessly with Voxco's Ad Testing Tool

Omnichannel Ad Testing

Gather respondent feedback from multiple channels like web,website, pop-ups, social media email, phone, offline or mobile.

Real Time Sentiment Analysis

Uncover customer insights in real time, track survey data and sources and analyze data with live visual dashboards

Engaging Surveys

Ensure high survey response rates with engaging, aesthetic and logic driven surveys. Use multiple question types. 

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Enhanced Survey Design Tools

Create surveys that engage the respondents using 

  • Drag and Drop builder
  • 100+ Question Types
  • Advanced Skip Logic
  • Smart Survey Branching Image area selector questions

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Des analyses avancées

Interpret survey data instantly with live visual dashboards, in-depth reporting and intuitive statistical analysis platform. Generate key information about 

  • Customer sentiment
  • Purchase Intent
  • Ad effectiveness

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La distribution simplifiée des enquêtes

Connect with respondents across all channels to improve survey response rates. With Voxco, you can distribute surveys via

  • E-mail
  • Texte 
  • Plateformes de réseaux sociaux
  • Website pop-ups
  • Application hors ligne

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Why use Ad Testing Tool?

Ad Testing Survey Software is used to conduct advertisement effectiveness studies for ad campaigns launched during the product life cycle. Ad Testing is a market research study wherein, ads are shown to the panel of the target audience to gauge their response to the ads. The ad testing survey software is essential to collect feedback at a nascent stage to prevent high ad spends.