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Finding survey participants is challenging because the sample needs to be large enough to represent the target market, and the data needs to be statistically significant and accurate. Moreover, your audience leads a busy life and may want to spend their time on something other than a survey. 

So, how can you find survey participants to conclude your research successfully? We will share five ways you can reach your target audience and gather accurate data.

Five ways to find survey participants

Find Survey Participants Find Survey Participants
We have explained five ways you can recruit participants and increase the response rates. Each method has its own advantage and is the best-suited approach for specific research goals. Consider your survey objective when you select the method to gather participants. 

1. Look through your customer contacts/ marketing list – 

As a business or organization, you have access to your customer’s contact details, such as registered email addresses or phone numbers. You can use their contact information to send an email invite and urge them to respond.  When your objective is to conduct surveys such as NPS® , CSAT, CES, or CX, it is best to send surveys to your existing customers.  Additionally, you also have access to your customers’ historical records and preferences. You can utilize such information to find survey participants for targeted surveys and gather feedback according to their interests.  The contact information of existing customers also allows you to follow up with them and conduct in-depth discussions on their feedback. So you can engage customers more and build stronger relationships. 

2. Buy participants using an online research panel – 

A research panel gives you access to an audience willing to participate in surveys. These participants are verified on an ongoing basis. This is the most cost-effective way to gather participants and increase response rates.  Selecting participants from the research panel allows you to gather accurate and reliable data since the respondents understand the importance of your survey.  The advantage of an online research panel is that you can tailor your sample based on criteria or profile data points. You can create a targeted sample to gather relevant data.

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3. Reach out on social media platforms – 

Sharing surveys on social media platforms allow you to gain the most visibility. These platforms help you reach your potential customers, one-time buyers, and non-buyers. 

Share your surveys on relevant platforms to reach the biggest crowd, encourage respondents to take the survey, and share it among their followers. 

Choose the correct platform based on your survey goal to find survey participants. For B2B customers, LinkedIn is the best option. While for B2C customers, you should share your surveys on Facebook and Twitter. 

4. Upload surveys on your website – 

A website survey is a good idea when you want to gather feedback from website visitors. This way you can capture leads at different stages of a visitor’s journey. Website surveys allow you to collect data at the right moment. 

You can embed a survey on different landing pages of your website depending on the questions you want to ask. You can use pop-up surveys or add them to sidebars to collect survey responses. 

5. Meet your target audience where they are – 

Offline interviews are the best way to find survey participants for specific demographics. For example, you can personally reach audiences who are less likely to take online surveys or have no access to the internet. 

A brand with only a physical store and no website/app can use this method to approach its target audience and gather their feedback. You can gather in-depth feedback and engage in a conversation using offline surveys

This sums up five ways you can find participants. But there are certain steps you need to follow before you start looking for participants.

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Gather the right survey participants

Find Survey Participants Find Survey Participants

Who are your target audience? How many participants do you need? Who should participate in the survey? These are a few questions you need to answer before you find the right survey respondents. So here are three steps to follow to ensure that you create the right sample for your survey. 

1. Define your target market – 

Begin by defining your target market based on the survey goal and the real-world behavior of the audience. Say, your survey is designed to gather opinions from women, your target audience should constitute more females than males. 

2. Select a large sample – 

With a larger sample size, you gather more accurate survey data. A larger sample size leads to a higher confidence interval, statistical significance, and representative data. 

3. Define the criteria of participants – 

Your surveys should target relevant people who will offer reliable data. It will help you decrease non-response and increase data quality. 

Create a list of questions to find survey participants who qualify to take the survey. 

  • What gender should they identify with?
  • What age group should they belong to?
  • What should be their education level?
  • What is the suitable job type for qualifying for this survey?

Take note of these three challenges before you look for survey respondents.

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These are the five common and popular ways to recruit survey participants. If you are using Voxco, you can use our online research panel to create the right panel by accessing over 10M respondents.

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