Call Center Productivity 03
Call Center Productivity 04

Automate the task of dialing.

Shift the time-consuming task of manual dialing away from interviewers to either fully or partially automated modes.

Single-system efficiency.

No need to fuss with third-party dialer integration. When you hit go, Voxco Dialer simply starts dialing based on the calling rules you set in the project design phase.

Research-specific dialing algorithms.

Patterns in research are not the same as those in other types of call centers. Voxco Dialer is based on intelligent, predictive calling algorithms designed for survey research.

Call Center Productivity 05

Balance productivity and drop rate.

Set your own level of acceptable drop rate for a given project.

Dynamic adjust to current call reality.

Voxco Dialer maximizes productivity while minimizing dropped calls. It dynamically adjusts the rate at which calls are placed based on changes in your center’s answer rate.

Instantly connect calls with interviewers.

No other telephony system connects calls faster.

Save time on bad numbers.

Voxco Dialer efficiently cleans your list of out of service numbers so you don’t waste time on bad calls.