Advanced Telephony Features 03
Advanced Telephony Features 04

Direct conference.

Use the conference feature to join other people directly into the conversation. This makes it easy for a translator to join the interviewer on a call.

Transfer out.

At any time, transfer a respondent who asks to be connected to someone else. E.g., at the completion of a customer satisfaction study, transfer the respondent to the company’s customer support desk.

Partial or full recording.

Fully or partially record interviews for quality and compliance purposes, and use a custom indexing system to keep track of recordings.

Audio playback.

Play back audio files such as advertisements to refresh the memory and to draw quality responses from respondents.

Advanced Telephony Features 05

Accept inbound calls.

Incoming call rates can be unpredictable. Pre-recorded message systems and keypad response systems help you effectively handling inbound calls and improve your response rates.

Call blending.

Increase productivity by blending incoming/returned calls right into your outbound operations. Incoming calls can be immediately assigned to available interviewers.

Skill set routing.

Maximize interview success. Dispatch an incoming call to the interviewer whose skill level best matches the call profile.

Transfer and return.

Successfully manage privacy sensitive situations (e.g., health question) by transferring calls to an IVR self-completion survey system. Voxco Dialer will then transfer the person back to an interviewer to continue the phone interview where it left off.

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