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Surveys are also a part of customers’ journey with the brand. It is a touchpoint where you actively seek their opinions and feedback. So, it is natural that, like any touchpoint, you must also deliver a great survey experience. 

Custom surveys enable you to boost brand loyalty by showcasing authenticity and transparency while communicating with customers. Here we will briefly guide you on why you should customize surveys and how you can do that using online survey software.

What is a Custom Survey?

You must have received email survey invites from different brands. Most of the time, as customers, we open the invites from the brand we are familiar with while deleting the unfamiliar ones. 

These familiar email survey invites are custom surveys. When a brand adds its name, logo, email ID, and other design elements to its survey, it is called a custom survey. 

Custom or branded surveys reflect the brand’s image and personality, allowing you to recognize which brand has sent you the invite. This also contributes to the significance and popularity of custom surveys.

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Why do brands customize surveys?

Customize Surveys Customizable report

Brands create custom surveys because it creates a sense of trust among the audience. The recipient feels confident opening the link knowing that the invite is not a scam. A custom survey gains the confidence and loyalty of your audience as it demonstrates the value and respect you have for the customer. 

Here are 3 reasons why you should customize surveys. 

1. A blank and dull survey shows that you don’t want to put any effort into your customers, and neither do you care for brand image. While a branded survey communicates that you are serious about gathering customer feedback and creates a sense of importance. It shows that the company itself wants their feedback and values the effort customers put in.

2. When you customize surveys with brand personality, it allows customers to understand and associate your questions with the business. A custom brand helps them know why you are asking the questions and what responses you expect to gather. This makes customers comfortable sharing their honest opinion and criticism. 

3. Uncustomized surveys result in lower response rates. Respondents don’t recognize the sender and assume it’s spam. Those who do respond think that the decision-makers won’t receive the responses. This makes uncustomized surveys unreliable.

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How can you customize surveys?

You can create customized and branded surveys using online survey software that supports white-label and CSS customization. Add brand personality to your surveys to demonstrate that you send the survey. Here are four ways you can customize the surveys.

Customize the theme: 

Customizing the theme for your surveys can help you establish a brand identity. Add brand logo, colors, fonts, and other design elements that you use across your brand collaterals, such as website, advertisements, and marketing communications. 

Customize messages: 

Not only the survey design, but you should also customize the introduction message and thank you page. Address the recipient and add the brand’s personality to the conversation to make it interactive. 

Add brand URL:

Brand name, website address, and mail ID create a sense of trust in the recipient. Make sure you add these elements in your survey to allow people to recognize the sender instantly. 

Create a standard template:

A good practice is to create standard templates for surveys. Customize a theme with all the points mentioned above so that you only need to add the questions. 

Instead of going for a generic black-and-white theme when in a hurry, you can use the pre-built customized theme that conforms to your brand’s style guide. This way you won’t have to customize surveys every time and will enjoy the benefits of branded surveys.

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What are the benefits of custom surveys?

We have already established the significance of customized surveys, so now let’s also explore the benefits. 

1. Shows customers you value them – 

When you customize surveys with the brand image for customers it shows that you are sincere in your efforts to gather their feedback. You care about offering them a great survey experience. This helps build positive experiences and nurtures trust and meaningful relationships. 

2. Leads to higher response rates – 

An uncustomized or unbranded survey will get you few responses since people are less likely to open it. On the other hand, people will recognize a branded survey and trust that it is a legitimate communication sent by the company.

When you customize surveys that resonate with the brand it encourages people to share their opinion. People will like to interact more and offer insightful feedback to help your company. 

3. Increases brand awareness – 

Customers who receive your branded survey immediately remember their experiences with your brand. It reminds them of all the products they brought from you and encourages them to revisit your store/website to repeat purchases. 

Surveys offer great exposure to your brand name and logo and retain the respondents’ memory of the brand. This helps them recognize your brand whenever they see your logo or company name. As a result, you set your brand apart from the competitors in your customers’ minds.

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When you customize surveys you create a unique and personalized experience for the customers. It allows them to get familiarised with your brand and also helps you establish trust with the customers. 

Online survey software like Voxco allows you to customize your surveys with its white-label and CSS customization feature. Showcase your brand to your customers and make the survey experience memorable.

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