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Customer Journey (Contact Center)

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What is Customer Journey in a Contact Center?

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Customer Journey reflects the path customers take through their interaction with a company. This path can include multiple touchpoints that can vary among customers. Contact centers aim to provide the best CX possible at every touchpoint so that customers can have a holistically positive experience throughout. They can do so by mapping typical customer journeys across physical and digital channels and then identifying ways in which improvements can be made.

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How to Design a Smooth Customer Journey in Omnichannel Contact Centers

These are a few measures omnichannel contact centers can take to deliver a smooth customer journey:

Customer Journey Mapping

It is important to map out the complete customer journey in order to get a view of customer interactions and understand the context of certain interactions. Additionally, mapping helps club multiple related interactions into one conversation while keeping intact the customer’s query and its context. This helps improve the speed and quality of service within the contact center, reducing AHT (average handle time) and increasing FCR (first contact resolution).

Automating Operations

There are many tools that can help you efficiently operate your contact center. Automating operations through predictive dialers and IVR can significantly boost CX (customer experience) while decreasing the workload and operational costs within the contact center. Smart IVR technology helps auto-route inbound calls to the right agent based on agent skill, customer category, customer priority, and agent availability. Additionally, IVR can play automated messages for inbound calls even outside working hours, allowing customers to self-service when agents are unavailable. 

Single Customer View

Omnichannel contact centers should track multiple customer touchpoints across customer journeys with a single integrated view of customer activity and data. This single view allows agents to better understand the context of customer grievances and helps them deliver superior personalized service.

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Ways in which Voxco can Improve Customer Journey in your Contact Center

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Voxco has a sundry of tools that help you monitor, record, and improve customer journey, and these are a few:

Voxco IVR’s Routing Capabilities

Voxco IVR’s routing ensures that callers are connected to the agents best suited to address their need based on agent skill, agent availability, and customer priority. Additionally, Voxco IVR increases professionalism within the contact center, enabling automated “welcome” and “thank you” voice messages.

A sundry of Listening and Recording options

Voxco Dialer facilitates real time field supervision, as well as the ability to record full or partial interviews for future listening. Additionally, whisper mode allows supervisors to communicate with agents on call, without the customer being privy to this interaction. This feature helps avoid call transfers as supervisors can assist agents through difficult calls or use it to train new agents on the job.

Advanced Productivity Monitoring

Powerful Voxco Dialer dashboards facilitate tracking live statistics on agents, lines, and projects. Statistics such as number of calls, wait time, handle time, delay between calls, drop rate, and so much more may be tracked and displayed on live-updating visual dashboards. Voxco Dialer also has reporting capabilities on both CATI and Dialer metrics depending on your contact center’s information needs.

Privacy Mode  

Voxco IVR’s privacy mode can be used for sensitive questions. It transfers the line to the respondent for self-completion before transferring back to the agent who won’t have access to the respondent’s private answer(s).

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FAQs on Contact Center Customer Journey

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Answer: A dynamic IVR system can significantly improve AHT and FCR in contact centers, drastically improving customer service by shortening and enhancing customer journey.

Answer: A customer interaction, also referred to as a customer touchpoint, can be defined as a moment where a customer directly or indirectly interacts with your organization. This can be product/service purchases, website visits, phone conversations etc.

Answer: In order to determine the effectiveness of a customer journey map, you must collect data across significant customer touchpoints. For instance, after a call, you may ask the customer to rate the interaction.

Answer: Mapping customer journey allows contact centers to focus on all touchpoints of customer journey, helping ensure a good customer service from start to finish. This also helps identify customer pain points and areas where there is scope for improvement.

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