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Intuitive and powerful survey flow logic options to tailor your survey


A question type for every methodology


Reporting simplified with a centralized SQL database


Create beautiful surveys by using drag and drop functionality


Engage respondents anywhere & anytime and on any device

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Maximize NPS Insights

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Is customer retention becoming a problem? Want to understand your customer's pain points?


Voxco’s customer experience management software gathers insights using NPS (Net Promoter Score) CSAT (Customer satisfaction) etc. to engage with your customers.

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Maximize respondent reach with comprehensive omnichannel CX surveys.

One integrated platform for phone, web & face to face customer experience surveys.

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Dive deeper into data with dynamic dashboards & analytics.

Drag & drop functionality to create custom cross tabs & measure statistical significance.

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Tailor-made hosting options depending on client needs.

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Customer Experience Software is a cloud or on-premise solution that can be used to understand customer demands, preferences, pain points, and other determining factors. Knowledge about these factors can help teams to make necessary changes and improvements in the customer journey to provide an exceptional customer experience.

With dedicated customer experience (CX) software, CX professionals can analyze customer interactions across channels, get a single overview of customer satisfaction and develop informative customer profiles to provide relevant customer support. 

Customer Experience tools offer great functionalities to help you deliver a positive customer experience. 

A customer experience management software should be well equipped with powerful features to transform customer experience for your business. Here are some of the features that you should definitely look for before selecting your customer experience software :

With every company competing on the basis of Customer Experience, you cannot settle for just a well-enough customer experience. Moreover, your company also needs to meet the requirements of the evolving market. For this reason, you need more than a system and tools that fit your company’s needs. 

You need Customer Experience tools that can keep up with the technological advancements and help you stay in the competition for the long run. 

You need Customer Experience tools that can transform your prospects into loyal customers and promoters. Your loyal customers bring more sales and brand advocacy. 

Your company requires customer experience tools that are appropriate for your business goals as well as perfect for the market landscape.

There are softwares offering a wide variety of customer experience tools. In order to optimize customer experience, you need tools that can help you gather and analyze customer insight on their experience and satisfaction. You can refer to the list of tools we have compiled that can help you

A CX software can help organizations keep a track of customer preferences in real time. With a complete overview of customer journey, customer experience software provides organizations with an action plan to enhance customer experience. Here’s how you can use customer experience management software to improve customer experience: 

Voxco omnichannel CX software can be used by organizations as a dedicated customer experience management software to reduce customer barriers and deliver seamless omnichannel customer experience.

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