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Gaining feedback has become an integral part of businesses as it helps them tap into their customers’ psyche and boost their overall experience. Creating a survey empowers brands to seamlessly understand the behavior, needs, as well as opinions of their customers. Using an online survey maker, it becomes easy to collect actionable insights that are the building blocks for benchmarking the happiness and satisfaction of your customers.


Develop interactive surveys with drag and drop functionality


Maximize your survey reach with invitations via email, SMS, social media, or pop-ups.


Analyze the survey results with power-packed analytics and dashboards.


Create an actionable plan based on the valuable insights gained.

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Why use Voxco’s online survey maker?

To create interactive, engaging, and personalized surveys at ease, you need to choose a survey maker that can effectively cater to all your needs. Be it gathering feedback from customers, or getting in touch with employees, or gaining insights into the market, Voxco’s online survey maker has got you covered! Here’s why should you chose Voxco’s online survey maker:

Improve Customer Experience

Gather insightful feedback about your products as well as services using an online survey maker by Voxco. Conduct automated surveys over email, phone, or face-to-face and reach out to your customers anywhere, anytime. Online shopping feedback, product satisfaction survey, bank customer services are some popular survey templates.

Elevate Employee Experience

Create surveys to uncover actionable employee insights for building a data-driven employee-centric work culture. With Voxco’s online survey maker, you can create effective surveys for measuring & improving employee experience systematically!

Boost Website Experience

Capture feedback about your website effectively, gather lead information and provide round-the-clock support on your website with Voxco’s online survey maker. Discover what your visitors like, what annoys them, and resolve their queries quickly.

Turbocharge Healthcare Experience

Create powerful surveys to understand patient needs, align caregivers & pinpoint care quality improvement opportunities. Transform every touchpoint into a positive patient experience using Voxco’s online survey maker.

Conduct Effective Research

Make the most of your research with actionable insights gained by surveying the right target audience. Identify the ideal segment to target, build an engaging survey, and collect relevant data using the online survey maker by Voxco.

What is Online Survey Maker?

An online survey maker can be defined as a digital tool used for automating tasks like creating, distributing, as well as analyzing a survey. It comes equipped with numerous features and functionalities which streamline the process of survey creation. An online survey maker is known to empower researchers with ease and flexibility for building a relevant survey for their brand. Moreover, survey respondents are more comfortable with participating in a survey that comes in a digital form and can be accessed across any device.

Why should brands invest in an online survey maker?

In today’s competitive world where every business is striving hard to establish itself in the market and outshine its competitors, collecting feedback from customers has become extremely important. By conducting surveys on a regular basis, brands can uncover valuable information for creating or improving their products or services in the right direction. 

The brands do not only want to know the behavior, perceptions, & pain points of their customers but also understand their attitude and reaction towards the products or services. By leveraging an online survey maker, it becomes easy to conduct surveys for collecting insightful information and unraveling exciting opportunities for growth. With absolutely no coding or programming skills required, anyone can create an interactive survey using a few clicks! 

While there can be multiple reasons for conducting a survey, but when it comes to collecting & analyzing survey data, there’s nothing as useful as survey makers. However, it’s important for organizations to carefully consider the functionalities of available survey makers before choosing the right one for their business.

Features to look for in an online survey maker

Secure and flexible hosting

There’s no doubt that respondent data holds utmost importance. As respondents might have to divulge sensitive information in surveys, they will do so only if the security of their data and identities are being ensured. Voxco’s online survey maker comes with flexible hosting – researchers have the option to store their data either in the cloud or on-premises, i.e. within their existing infrastructure.


Collecting data is certainly a crucial part of research however gleaning insights from that data is even more critical. Online survey maker tools like Voxco’s come equipped with best-in-class analytics that empowers brands to get the most from their data. This is accompanied by top-notch reporting capabilities that help them create custom reports for presenting to different stakeholders in the business.

Custom survey capability

Every research study has some specific set of requirements that are unique to it. These constitute different seasonal requirements, demographics, etc. In order to meet such requirements, it’s important to create customized questions for the surveys. With Voxco’s online survey maker, researchers can create questions for collecting the requisite insights from their respondents.

Omnichannel capability

An online survey maker should help businesses to solicit insightful feedback across multiple channels. Voxco’s omnichannel online survey maker makes it easy to fetch unique insights that are critical for research. Be it one-on-one interviews, online surveys, or phone surveys, it has got you covered!   

Drag and drop functionality

While survey creation might sound like a difficult task, but that’s not the reality. Voxco comes equipped with drag and drop functionality for creating surveys in no time. All you need to do is simply drag a selected question type and drop it into the respective survey flow. With a streamlined survey creation process, researchers can focus on other necessary tasks.

Incentivized surveys

The accuracy of survey data relies on the number of individuals from your target audience that participate in your survey. Using an online survey maker like Voxco can help to encourage participation by integrating rewards into surveys. These rewards are given only to respondents who’ve successfully completed the survey.

Real-time results

Voxco’s online survey maker can help researchers to gain feedback in real-time, thereby making decisions on the go. This feature becomes more useful while testing a newly launched product or checking a feature update that needs to be reversed.

Simplified distribution

Voxco’s online survey maker enables brands to seamlessly distribute their surveys via email, SMS, call, push notifications, etc. This helps to ensure that your surveys reach out to the intended audience and yield better insights.

Email and App integration

People like to share feedback but selecting the right moment for it is the bigger issue. Which is why an online survey maker helps you integrate surveys into emails or mobile apps. This lets your target audience leave feedback quickly rather than signing on for an extensive study.

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What are the benefits of using an online survey maker?

Survey creation made easy

With an online survey maker, the entire survey creation process becomes too simple. Without the use of coding, your survey becomes ready to execute within a few clicks. In fact, a professional online survey maker comes with predictive analysis for demonstrating how a survey is likely to perform in the future.

Minimum investment required

Conducting a manual survey involves various human efforts and time for creating, distributing, and collecting data whereas an online survey helps in saving a lot of material and labor expenses. Leveraging a comprehensive survey maker plays a key role in helping organizations conduct surveys on a large scale.

Ultimate flexibility

With various questions saved in the library for creating brand-specific templates, using an online survey maker significantly reduces hurdles involved in the creation and distribution of surveys. Moreover, the ability to optimize plays a key role in enhancing the survey reach.