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Create and share engaging online surveys in minutes

Create and share engaging online surveys in minutes Create and share engaging online surveys in minutes 100+ survey samples

Create and share engaging online surveys in minutes Create and share engaging online surveys in minutes Turn word-docs into surveys

Create and share engaging online surveys in minutes Create and share engaging online surveys in minutes Choose from 100+ survey question types

Create and share engaging online surveys in minutes Create and share engaging online surveys in minutes Host as you like: On-site or SaaS

Create and share engaging online surveys in minutes Create and share engaging online surveys in minutes Reach respondents anytime, anywhere

Create and share engaging online surveys in minutes Create and share engaging online surveys in minutes Maximize responses with panel manager

Join the 500+ clients in 40+ countries using Voxco’s Insights Platform

Easily create a survey in different ways with Voxco online survey tool

#1 Build surveys from scratch

Create an online survey from scratch on your dashboard. Choose from 100+ question types, apply survey logic, design themes, etc. and share using the survey distribution method of your choice.

Create a Survey

#2 Access 100+ survey samples

Launch online surveys in minutes with our wide collection of sample surveys. Simply view and choose the one that best fits your needs, and customize your survey in minutes. 

View Survey Samples

#3 Turn MS Word docs into survey questionnaires

Upload the questionnaire from Word documents into our survey builder which will turn it into an online survey. Edit questions or customize to give it the look & feel of your choice.

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Who do you want to survey?

Whether you want to assess if your employees are happy, learn if your customers are satisfied, or gather insights about your product, or service, you can use the Voxco online survey tool to build surveys for all use cases.


Create surveys to assess your customers’ satisfaction, determine loyalty, gather feedback, improve experiences, and more.


Determine if your employees are happy, do they enjoy their workspace, and understand their needs & expectations to improve employee engagement.

Target Markets

Understand your customers’ purchase habits, test ideas before market release, see what your competitors are doing, and get valuable market insights.


Conduct academic research, improve patient experience, perform social research, and more with surveys built with Voxco online survey tool. 

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World’s most versatile online survey tool


Make the most of Voxco online survey tool features

Drag & drop

Simply drag & drop your questions in the interface to create beautiful surveys.

Dynamic questions

Randomize questions, hide/show questions, create custom logic, and more.

Survey logic

Tailor your surveys with intuitive and powerful survey flow logic options.

Integration & Safety

Easily integrate with third-party systems/panel providers through API.

Invitations & Reminders

Send survey invitations and schedule survey reminders for high responses.

Join 500+ clients in 40+ countries using Voxco Insights Platform

Do more than gather data- Deliver exceptional experiences

Text Analysis

Analyze open-ended feedback, turn it into actionable insights, and see the results derived in a visual dashboard.

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Create and share engaging online surveys in minutes Create and share engaging online surveys in minutes
Create and share engaging online surveys in minutes Create and share engaging online surveys in minutes

Close the Loop

Close the experience gap between you and your customers by bringing the customer’s voice inside the organization.

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Looking for targeted responses to your surveys?

Create and share engaging online surveys in minutes Create and share engaging online surveys in minutes

Get the responses you need in minutes with Voxco Audience, our online research panel of 10M+ professional respondents, vetted and verified, and consented to participate in surveys. 

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Why Voxco

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Pick & choose the exact online survey software you need for your research

Create and share engaging online surveys in minutes Create and share engaging online surveys in minutes

Create, test, and modify surveys instantly with no coding required

Create and share engaging online surveys in minutes Create and share engaging online surveys in minutes

Intuitive and powerful survey flow logic options to tailor your survey


Engage respondents anywhere & anytime and on any device


A question type for every methodology

Create and share engaging online surveys in minutes Create and share engaging online surveys in minutes

Reporting simplified with a centralized SQL database

Create and share engaging online surveys in minutes Create and share engaging online surveys in minutes

Create beautiful surveys by using drag and drop functionality

Create any type of online survey

We’ve got all the basic question types covered, while easily handling sophisticated logic, multiple rotations, advanced skip patterns, and multi-media files; it has multi-language capability, automatic device detection, and much more. And it is still easy to use.

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Access results in real time

Voxco Online’s reporting functions give you real-time insight on participation in your surveys. Monitor completes & dropouts, and track online survey success on the go. Get an early read on trends emerging in your study, then safely share your reports through a secure reporting portal that allows you to specify user access rights and views. Turn all that data into dynamic survey reporting dashboards with Voxco Analytics.

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Choose your environment: on-site or SaaS

Voxco hosting options let you choose what is best for your business. If you need total control over the data collection environment, Voxco Online can be deployed on-premise. Or we can host it for you on our secure servers, reducing your infrastructure and maintenance costs.

Survey distribution simplified

Maximize your online survey reach. In addition to email invitations, you can send invitations and reminders via SMS to mobile devices. Post online survey links on social media platforms like Facebook & Twitter. Or push your study as a pop-up web survey. Monitor invitation channels in real-time, so you can make immediate adjustments to your send-out and reminder strategy. Voxco Online also comes with many distribution features like customized messaging, automated send-outs, and unsubscribe lists.

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Integrate with Mobile Offline

Voxco Online is just one part of our omnichannel survey platform. It also seamlessly integrates with Voxco Mobile Offline whenever you need to survey respondents face-to-face and may not have internet access.

Nurture loyal survey respondents

Recruit and foster a loyal community of your most trusted survey respondents and/or clients. Voxco Panel Manager offers rich panel management tools that are integrated within the Voxco Research Cloud™ to help you maximize your survey response rates. Panelists can answer surveys or view & claim rewards from inside their own engaging, branded portals. Live management and tracking of an
unlimited number of panelists with unlimited attributes in multiple panels.

Rely on Voxco professionals for support

Whether conducting voice of customer studies is your business or you just need to run an occasional online survey, Voxco can help with any online data collection program.

Check out the features you need to easily create and tailor engaging surveys.

See how you can get real-time insights and save 50% of scripting time.

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What are Online Survey Tools?

Online survey tools refer to the different digital software that facilitate the creation, distribution, and analysis of surveys using digital channels. Most survey tools even act as survey analysis software and can therefore execute different data analysis functions. Survey tools are used by individuals and organizations for a range of different purposes such as customer feedback, market research, employee satisfaction, post-event analysis, academic program assessment, and more. 

Online survey solutions offer a range of features that help expedite the survey creation process. Such software also comes equipped with premade survey templates and questions that are created by professional researchers. 

Some of the main functions of online survey tools are:

Survey Creation

One of the key functions of online survey tools is that it facilitates the creation of surveys from scratch. They also provide many different features that can help enhance your digital survey. 

Survey Distribution

Online survey solutions facilitate the distribution of surveys across a variety of digital channels. This includes channels such as websites, social media platforms, email, etc.

Survey Analytics

 The best survey tools will also have features that allow you to conveniently run data analytics to extract useful insights from survey data. Different survey tools will have different features and capabilities, however, most online survey platforms automatically produce visual representations of the data collected through graphs, tables, and/or charts. 

Key Features of Survey Tools

The following is a list of a few key features of Online Survey Tools:

Survey Display Options

This feature allows the users of online survey solutions to choose where they want to show their survey. Some users may want to display their survey within an email while others may want to on a website; the best survey tools will facilitate all these choices.

Branching/Skip Logic

Branching logic refers to a feature that allows you to set up different questions based on the initial responses chosen by the user. This means that the follow-up questions will change according to the respondent’s previous answer.

Data Analysis

Survey tools have a range of features that facilitate data analysis, allowing organizations to extract useful actionable insights in almost no time.

Survey Templates

Most online survey tools will have a library of pre-made survey templates. These are usually templates of commonly used surveys such as customer satisfaction, brand perception, and employee satisfaction surveys.

User Segmentation

User segmentation is a feature that allows you to send specific surveys to specific parts of your audience. For example, you can send different surveys to new visitors and returning visitors. This feature lets you collect user-specific data that is relevant and insightful. 

Multiple Answer Types

Another feature of online survey solutions is that they offer various answer types that allow you to extract information in the right way in regard to each question. These answer types include multiple-choice, drop-down matrix, and text boxes. 

Multilingual Support

The best survey tools provide the option of creating surveys for a more global audience and therefore provide features that support multiple languages. This could include spell-checkers for different languages and an auto-detect tool that automatically sets the survey to the default language of the respondent.

Multimedia Integration

Online survey solutions allow you to integrate multimedia into your survey to make it more interactive and engaging. This typically includes media in the form of audio clips, video clips, and images.

Advantages of Online Survey Tools?

Let’s take a look at some notable advantages of online survey tools:

Reduced Costs

One of the most significant benefits of online survey tools is that it significantly lowers the cost of conducting surveys. This is especially due to the elimination of labour costs and material costs as the survey channels are digital. Surveys that are conducted on large scales and have a very large sample group will benefit most from this as surveys conducted through online survey platforms will require a small team to handle and will also have very low costs. 

Centralised Data

Online survey solutions often have a centralised survey platform where all the data is gathered. Therefore, regardless of which channel the data is collected through, it is all stored on the same integrated platform. This makes the feedback collection process more systematic, and also makes the data easier to analyse and interpret.

Increased Accuracy

Online survey solutions help obtain more accurate data as the feedback collected comes directly from the respondent to the online database. This minimizes the risk of human error and can produce more accurate data. 


Survey tools provide a lot of flexibility in online survey design, allowing businesses to tailor surveys to their needs. Additionally, the best survey tools will even allow you to further personalise your surveys by branding them.

Fast Data Collection

One of the most apparent advantages of using an online survey solution is streamlined data collection and real-time results. Respondent feedback can be amalgamated with other responses and analyzed the moment the survey is completed. This allows your business to extract actionable insights from data much faster.

Centralised Survey Authoring

The best online survey tools offer an omnichannel interface. This means that the survey solution allows you to connect with respondents over multiple digital channels without having to reprogramme your survey for every channel individually. 

How to use an Online Survey Software?

The following steps show you how to utilize an online survey platform to create and deploy a survey effectively: 


Set an Objective for your Survey

Before you can begin creating your survey, you must first clearly outline your objective(s). Setting clear objectives will help ensure that your focus is maintained on your goals while you create questions for your survey.


Create the Survey

Once you’ve clearly outlined your objectives, you can begin creating your survey. If the online survey tool you are using has a template for the survey you want to create, you may want to select it. Editing an existing template will be much quicker than creating your survey from scratch. Additionally, make sure to use answer choices that are appropriate for each question. Utilise the different features offered by your online survey tool to get the best results from your survey.


Deploy the Survey

When your survey is ready, you can deploy it to your respondents across all the channels that you want to utilize. It is important to connect with your respondents on the channels that they are on as this will help maximise your survey response rate.


Analyse the Results

As your survey is being conducted using online channels, survey responses will come in as and when respondents answer the survey. Your online survey tool will create visual representations of the data using live charts, graphs, and tables. These will help you extract insights from the data collected. If you want to conduct additional operations using the acquired feedback, you can export your survey results onto a different interface that will allow you to conduct these operations.