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What is contact center forecasting?

Contact center forecasting is the process by which a call center can estimate the future volume of contact via multiple channels (phone, email, sms, app), and the number of agents that they would likely need to handle the aforementioned contact. 

Typically historical volume data is factored in while forecasting as it provides insights into season trends and growth or decline year over year. Forecasts need to factor in external eventualities as well, like business events, new product launches or software updates. 

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Why is contact center forecasting important?

Contact center forecasting is a dynamic, ongoing process which needs to be regularly updated to keep pace with trends and organizational changes. Managerial staff in charge of forecasting can do long term forecasts to calculate staffing requirements, but will need to do short term forecasting regularly to manage agent scheduling.

Negative impact on customer satisfaction

If your customers call your call center and are kept waiting for ages to talk with an agent, or have been told to call back later, it's a big problem for your company. These interactions have a negative impact on your brands customer experience and this will reflect in your customer satisfaction surveys. 

Staffing requirements and other eventualities like business events and product updates need to be factored in while making forecasts for customers and staffing.

Overstaffing can cause financial burden

Should you not engage in contact center forecasting, there’s a likelihood of you either overstaffing or understaffing your call center. Both have their own drawbacks. Overstaffing can lead to agents sitting idle and an overall drop in productivity, leaving you with two options: Letting the extra staff go, or continue paying them. Both of these scenarios will incur a financial penalty on your organization.

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Factors to keep an eye out on while forecasting

Balance trends and seasonality

  • When you conduct call center forecasting for the months ahead, you must keep in mind seasonality and year on year trends, as well as market volatility.
  • It is important to factor in seasonality as your contact centers will have peaks and troughs on a regular basis throughout the year. Events like Christmas and black friday can mean completely different scenarios for different contact centers, which needs to be looked at by contact center management.
  • Analyzing trends is a must. You’re unlikely to receive the same amount of business year over year, at least not if you’re expecting your business to grow. This will require looking at staffing as well.

Read the past

Before making any decisions on staffing, a business needs to look into their past and understand what's happened. Contact center forecasting needs to factor in historical data generated by your IVR software and your Automatic Call Distribution systems. Hypothetical “what-if” scenarios can show management staff how changes in shift patterns and schedules can impact performance. 

Exponential smoothing essentially gives your previous years’ call volumes and patterns a large influence on your next year’s forecast than it does to the year before. For exponential smoothing to work well, it needs to take into account more than 2-3 previous years performance.


Businesses need to factor in flexibility while indulging in contact center forecasting. Situations can change overnight (like a certain pandemic) and cause major operational changes. This volatility can have an impact on staffing and customer call volumes. 

Your contact center needs to be designed to handle a certain degree of volatility. This can involve having redundant staff or a solution unique to your business.

Forecasting call volumes

It is typically easier to calculate staffing needs for outbound calls. It is likely your business has already established an idea of your future outbound calls. You can also a simple formula like

Calls required=(conversions required) divided by (conversion rate).

Forecasting inbound calls is a whole other ball game. You need to have accurate records of your historical data on hand, and calculate growth rates in call volumes by each period. You must also factor in seasonality as well. Exponential smoothing can help with inbound contact center forecasting.

How Voxco can help with contact center forecasting?

Voxco Telephony solutions

Voxco Telephony solutions

Voxco’s comprehensive suite of telephony solutions can help get maximum productivity from your call center. Whether you wish to work on premise or set up a virtual call center environment, Voxco has a telephony solution that meets your exact requirements. Voxco’s IVR software can integrate seamlessly with an automatic call distributor to help streamline your operations.

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Analytics and Dashboards

Voxco’s omnichannel platform comes equipped with call monitoring software which can help determine your call center productivity. Powerful analytics tools can help understand customer intent and help predict seasonality more accurately. 

Intuitive dashboards can help making quick interpretations from analysis data and create custom reports for key stakeholders.

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Use contact center forecasting for surveys as well

Voxco’s Call center management software is capable of so much more than sales and customer support. Leverage your telephony solutions for Phone Surveys with Voxco CATI or IVR and get insights into customers, market trends, employee experience, and more!

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Voxco’s platform helps you gather omnichannel feedback, measure sentiment, uncover insights and act on them.

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Great Research
Fast Insights
Best-in-class ROI

Voxco’s platform helps you gather omnichannel feedback, measure sentiment, uncover insights and act on them.

Join 500 + global clients across 40+ countries