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Contact Center Compliance

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What is Contact Center Compliance?

Compliance is the state of being in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. There are a lot of laws that contact centers need to be in compliance with, forcing these centers to alter certain processes and systems. However, there are some laws that only apply to call centers in certain industries or locations. 

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What is First Call Resolution?

  • FCR is a metric that defines the contact center’s ability to address and solve a customer query in their first call without needing to follow up or schedule another call. 
  • FCR metric can be achieved through whichever channel the customer prefers. Be it a phone call, a live chat session, or a single email, the purpose is to resolve the issue with minimum effort from the customer as well as the agent. 
  • First call resolution rate helps to analyze customer satisfaction and loyalty but also the proficiency of the customer service agents. It is an important factor that determines the customer experience your contact center provides. 
  • Low call duration between agent and customer paired with a high FCR rate is the ultimate goal all contact centers strive to achieve. 

Why is Contact Center Compliance Important?

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As contact centers deal with personal information regarding their customers, they must place high importance on data security. If the right measures are not taken, contact centers can risk agent fraud and/or data breaches. A lack of compliance within contact centers can cost the business a lot of money.

The following are a few risks of lack of compliance in contact centers:

  • Fines from Governing bodies
  • Agent Fraud
  • Data Breaches
  • Financial Attacks
  • Being sued by customers

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Contact Center Compliance Acts

The following are some of the consent acts that contact centers must be aware of 

Call Monitoring Consent

  • Most laws require that at least one party is aware that a call is being recorded and consents to it, but there are certain locations that require that all parties are notified. 

Truth in Lending Act

  • This act requires contact centers to disclose information regarding terms, interest rates, and late fees.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 

  • GDPR applies to businesses that collect and store information of EU residents. The purpose of this regulation is to grant ownership of sensitive information to individuals and gives them the right to request the stored data to be erased.

Health insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

  • This act specifically applies to contact centers that collect information on customer’s personal health. Hence, such contact centers must take measures in order to restrict the flow of their customers’ health information being shared with other parties.

Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA)

  • This act prohibits businesses from using factors such as color, religion, gender, age, etc. to determine whether a customer can qualify for loans/credit.

Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)

  • TCPA limits the use of automated telemarketing. This act creates strict consent rules for using pre-recorded messages and automated dialing.

Do  Not Call Registry (DNC)

DNC is one of the most well-known regulations and it gives consumers a way to easily opt-out of receiving telemarketing calls. The fine for non-compliance of DNC tends to be very high, hence contact centers must be aware of DNC. 

How Text Analytics can help keep Businesses Compliant?

What is Contact Center Compliance

Text analytics can be used to track, record, and assure compliance. Contact centers can use text analytics software to automatically listen to every call, transcribe it, and then automatically score it.

 Text Analytics can be used to identify when agents use words or phrases which should have been avoided and can identify the failure of agents to adhere to scripts. Calls that represent risk can be automatically tagged with violations that they represent. Additionally, compliance risk scores can be given, ensure that agents review their performance and make improvements when they have made a violation.

Tools Contact Centers can use to ensure Regulatory Compliance

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Regulatory compliance requirements keep increasing and becoming more complex. In order to keep track of these regulations and remain compliant with the law, these are a few tools contact centers can use:

Call Recording Software

Softwares such as Voxco CATI Survey Software and Voxco Dialer, allow you to record partial or full interviews and even monitor live calls. This software allows the recording to be paused when sensitive information is being shared. Additionally, with Voxco IVR Survey Software, you can have access to “Privacy mode” which can be used for sensitive questions. When switched to privacy mode, the line is transferred back to the respondent for self-completion, and then transferred back to the agent who will not be able to see their private answers. 

Quality Assurance (QA) Scorecards

A QA scorecard is a rubric by which an agent’s interaction with a customer is graded. As discussed above, speech/text analytics can be used to score an agent’s interaction and provide a clear outline as to where the problem lies and how they can improve.

Security Policies

Contact centers must ensure the implementation of security policies within their organization in order to ensure compliance. For instance, employees must not be allowed to use personal devices for work as the threat of a breach is high when they do so. 

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